Monday, February 2, 2009

Franz Eicher Naturalized Citizen 1840

This is the document I discovered that allowed our ancestor to become a US Citizen in 1840 after being here for seven years.
He married in 1843 and then settled on the lands of Montgomery County, Miami Twp. Bill Eicher did research back to Steinwenden Plalz and Susan and I walked around the small village with the Burgermeister, "Mayor" back in the late 1970's. It was the time of primageniture when only the first born sons, inherited the farms. So off they went, after the area was devestated by the Napoleanic Wars, to the new world and a new beginning in Ohio!

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  1. Hola Tom, I really like your blog. The old photos and images are fantastic. What a great way to share with your family. Now you have given me an idea for starting a second blog, on family history of the Sanden family..hmmmm,lots of food for thought here. Great job. When you visit we can share ideas on all of this.