Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Perth Western Australia - Vegemite and Breakfast

Here is the skyline of Adelaide from the river where I saw black swans at night with my guide Amir.

Quiet ocean front marina west of Adelaide we visited the morning of my flight to Perth. A nice quiet end to my laid back stay in South Australia.

Prior to leaving for Perth in the AM, I had not heard from any of the MKP AU guys regarding lodging so I booked a quick economy room in Scarborough on the beach, so I thought! :-) Anyway, the economy special with just a bed and a poor functioning wifi. One of the learnings along the trail. Entry at 7 Manning! Here is the view of spot, Part of the sunmoon resort complex on the land side of West Coast Hwy. The sun is now Out, and I am making my way to visit an organic Cafe run by Jeremy from MKP's partner Jasmin in the Perth Hills, Soul Tree Store and Cafe, Glen Forrest WA for lunch. Driving down the coast to check out the energy of Free Mantle and then through the big city. Woo hoo.

Here are the usual economic downfall news headlines, Qantas is reorganizing to do more Asian Business. Crooks found in Kentucky from Australia. Obama taking buses through MN, IL and IA while Bachman and Perry do the same for politics. Most of the NEWS here is like the TABLOIDS and a grade B movie. Ah such is life. Anyway, I am having a typical Aussie Breakfast, with cold cereal, toast with jam and VEGEMITE ....yum, the vitamin B is great, like MARMITE in the UK. I cultural treat. Grateful for the day and the beauty of CREATION. Cheers.

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