Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Brisbane to Narita - New to Asia and Impressions

My last night in Australia was spent sharing a "barbie", Barb-b-q, with May and Colin. We moved the gas grill from outside as we had a visit of the thunder beings along with rain. Colin grilled fish, brats, potatoes, mushrooms, and I could put on tomato sauce on the potatoes, the closest thing to ketchup I found. THanks May and Colin for your kind hospitality and having a place where I could just rest and hang out in the neighborhood. Very Asian, like a little China town. When I posted my package to the US, the two employees were speaking Chinese. Go figure. Australia in many ways prepared me as a lift off to Asia. Grateful for Colin's referral to the Flight Centre where they have a lot of experience with Asian Travel and connections.

View from morning Jet Star flight of Brisbane and the river below.

Coming into Cairns in the north of Queensland. Boarded the international flight to Narita here.

Arrived in the dark at Narita Airport. When I looked to turn on the air conditioning, still warm here, saw the balance in these two traditions here. Buddhism and Christianity. Balance? :-)

Here at the Narita Tobu Hotel Airport, many pilots and crew members from Asian Airlines. Western and Asian Food for Breky here. I nice blend of foods and the green garden in the background . Grateful most of the signs are in Japanese AND English.
O Hi O...the state my parents are from and "good morning: in Japanese, are the same.

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  1. Tom,
    I just reviewed the pictures and comments from your trip. I am so happy that you are having a wonderful time and have been able to share these experiences with so many people while you were in each country.

    My best,

    Bob Edelstein