Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Day Three in Australia Sydney to Hobart

Here is the Quaker Meeting House where I stayed and met some very interesting folks. A middle aged Jewish woman who is a clothes designer looking for a Jewish husband, a 50 ish big bearded kind social worker who works for Pathways and knows Billy Hill, the founder of MKP Australia. Grateful that Catherine is a member here and recommended this as a place to get grounded :Down Unda, and grok that the sun is really in the NORTH!

Took the bus down Crown St to Oxford where I had a breakfast of an omalette, chocolate croissant and fresh squeezed fruit juice.
The area has the rainbow banners and is known to be an openly gay area. Refreshing to notice a young male couple holding hands openly and looking quite relaxed in the AM here. Ready to check out Tasmania Today.


  1. Quaker Meeting House connection sounds like a great idea!
    Bonne journee!

  2. Slackin on the updates already I see! Such is the way of the travel.. hopefully you'll find some time to write more and reflect on the past days while it's still fresh!

  3. Who is slackin? Hey here follows some more reflections. Even got some internet down unda. Thanks for stoppin' by Jess. When to you and Amy head to Memphis for the wedding?