Thursday, August 18, 2011

Coastal Sand Dunes and Tuart Forest Western Australia

While sitting at the Soul Tree Cafe in the hills, one of the workers got a call from Jeremy and Jasmin that they had lost the key for their vehicle in the sand where they were surfing after leaving Ochre Off at Kindy (Kindergarten). So having a rental car and the freedom to drive, I found their extra key at their home and here is the dunes area where we met. A 45 minute drive to the coast from their hills home.

Here I went to soak my feet in the surf of the Indian Ocean with the photo as Jasmin is frolicking in the water. A lot of folks surfing in wet suits in mid winter :-)

THey were kind enough to guide me to see another species of Banksia, Banksia menziesii, in the Tuart Forest north of Twigg Beach where we met. These are the trunks of the Eucalypt, Tuart in local parlence.

Here is the inflorescence of the Banksia menziesii, that is noted for being two colors. Hope Don Roden can check this out as he is a wood turner and has made some things out of Banksia wood I understand.


  1. Beautiful pictures Tom. It makes me want to go there to see these for myself. Thanks, Don

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