Sunday, August 21, 2011

Brisbane Queensland Airport to Mullumbimbi New South Wales

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Cheery seating on the train from Brisbane airport that took me downtown to Central Station. Took this train Friday early afternoon to wait for RIck Maddox and Dan Gaffney to take me to the MKP LKS AU Weekend gathering.

A bright and sunny afternoon, I walked from the Central Station to the Stamford Hotel where I check in my luggage and then walked for a couple of hours around the Brisbane River area. Here is a photo from the Botanical Garden back toward the centre city as I began my walk.

THis red-pink and yellow flower is the common bottle brush that accents a lot of the foliage in the Spring here in Oz. On the path by the river.

THis is the Goodwill Bridge in the distance where I walked to the south side of the river here in Brisbane. Struck by the many Asian culture represented here in Oz. Along the south bank here, quite a variety of ethnicities. !

First I can across a statue of Confucius given to honor the 150th anniversary of Queenland by a sister city in the PRC,People's Republic of China.

Then the Taiwan connection here with this monument. Well, the upload speeds here a Mac Donalds don't support the robust connections I am used to. More later :-( Got this uploaded at Colins place!

Soon I came across this amazing wooden Nepalese building.While standing and looking,these 4 young women students from China had me hold a Happy Birthday sign for a friend (pengyou) and we all sang Happy Birthday. Fun to have my card that has Putonghua, Mandarin Chinese on the back to share. They smiled a lot :-)

Rick Maddox gave a ride for me and Dan Gaffney who had flown a from Sydney and we drove through the dark to the site to open the circle check in on Friday night. Thats when I met Donna from the nedear Boston MA, who I learned within a few minutes that we are cousins related through our famous ancestor, Rebecca Nurse. Here is the Cafe in Mullumbimbi we went to the next morning for coffees called Poinciana after the tree on the land. During our second visit on Sunday here is Dan, after we learned these trees are native to South Africa and were brought here by one of the early owners at the time of the Boer Wars. Wow, the connections of the history of the British Empire!

Here are Rick, Brad and Peter, who with myself stayed at Brad's place not far from Mullumbimbi so we could venture forth for morning coffee and Sunday for a meal of eggs and bacon! Refreshing after the periodic rains of Friday and Saturday at the event.

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