Friday, August 12, 2011

Hobart to Port Arthur - Tasmania Devil Close Up And Convict History

I arrived in Hobart later in the afternoon, and as the shuttle driver suggested sea food by the wharf, I walk down to the water and found Mures Restaurant here by the water. So I had my fill of oysters and a local sea fish and walked back to the St Ives Motel for a restful sleep.

I had heard about Port Arthur as a planned convict village, so I read about it and the isthmus at EagleHawkNeck where I visited a building that talked of the history of convict labor during the mid 1800's when boats came to Pt Authur from England with great regularity. This is a sign from the exhabit a EagleHawk Neck. Rather bleak and spooky place.

The wind was blowing in from the East and the Ocean from the East. Here is the beach where the wind is quite chilly. Glad I had my hoodie.

My heart is warmed by this neat endemic species, of Tasmanian Banksia. Banksia marginata "Silver Banksia" taken at Eaglehawk Neck where the Tasman Peninsula narrows in its connection with the larger island. location of the "dog line" in the mid 1800's. Interesting how plants and their energy bring me into the NOW, the present, to ground me, even when the historical energy is negative. :-)

I did warm up a bit more at this park as well. A lot of myths dispelled about the "Tasmanian Devil", a carnivore that can be quite sweet if understood. Here is a feeding of a female Tasmanian Devil, Sarcophilus harrisii, at the Tasmanian Devil Conservation Park a few km north of Port Arthur where an employee is feed her fresh wallaby skin and flesh. She has 4 babies in her pouch and has adapted to life in the Park with regular feeding times.

Here are some brown Forester kangaroos in the park, Tasmania's only native kangaroo.

View of the Port Arthur Penitentiary site from the tour boat in the harbor. I took the ferry out by the Isle of the Dead, and Point Puer Boys' Prison site, prior to the tour of the buildings site by a guide. Very heavy energy here. Glad to move on to other venues! :-) Grateful for life, and to be free and not behind bars and living in an inner prison. Pilamiyayelo. "I am living in gratitude"

Freeing energy water at Silver Falls in Fern Tree, a village on the way up the road to the pinnacle of Mt Wellington. The cleansing energy of water, the first medicine the Creator gave us!

View of Hobart Harbor and the lands and waters beyond from the Pinnacle of Mt Wellington.

Final photo from Tasmania, taken at the Salamanca Art Area where I had Vietnamese Pho, Soup to warm me and nurture me along with fresh spring rolls to support a nurturing sleep as well. Comments appreciated. Cheers from the South!


  1. Great Pictures and Jane and I are happy for you having the time of your life.

  2. Hey Don, Thanks for your kind support and coaching. Happy you could meet Denny Stockdale too. All the best, Peace, joy, love and beauty. Mitakuye Oyasin. THanks for stopping by and commenting too.