Sunday, August 14, 2011

Adelaide south to Goolwa, fresh and salt water, Whales at Port Elliot and walk on Granite Island

Amir picked me up at my apartment rental at 9 AM Sunday Morning and our first stop south was here at the McLaren Vale Visitors center which opened at 10 AM. Amir worked in the area with a partner who had a B and B for a while. He learned a lot about gardening at that time. Now he is in school and soon to finish his Bachelors in Health Sciences. He is thinking of developing an organic farm-garden with his family in his native Malaya. Fun to share our stories about life, families and travel. Thanks Amir for your great hosting here in the Adelaide area!

I view of the wine growing area looking back north over McLaren Vale.

Here is a view from Hindmarsh Island, just past Goolwa, looking west part of the complex ecological zone where the Murray River drains fresh water into the salt water ocean. According to Amir, there is a movement to re establish native plants in the area here as well. Norfolk Island Pines lining the beach in the distance, were planted thinking they would provide ship masts and they were not strong enough :-)

Amir had an intuition is was important to stop at Port Elliot. He shared that his family had joined him here sitting on the rocks and watched the seals in the surf. As soon as we arrived there were many photographers gathering on the rocks and then we saw the 2 gray shadows under the water as they moved down the coast just a few yards out to sea.

Here the locals say is a mom, Right Whale,with the white barnacles on her and one of her offspring. They mentioned these are Right Whales that migrate up the coast. We just sat on the rocks and watched. A seal swam in and out of the surf for a while as well. Such beautiful peaceful vistas here. I can really understand the attraction of this more laid back and ecological part of Australia. Amir has been a model guide for me here and I am most grateful for his intelligent passion!

Granite Island is connected to Victor Harbor by a walking causeway. Here we join Australian Families in a 45 min walk around the island. Small penguins live in the island and mostly return in the evening after going out for food :-) We took the walk here, prior to driving back to Adelaide.

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