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Detailed accounts from Miami & Jefferson Townships - West Carrollton - Miamisburg -Ellerton, rural Montgomery CO OHIO 1909 -1916 -

 One of my joys in the winter is to take in the photography of my ancestors in Ohio, as the spirit of the day is captured in these black and white photos.  I am working to archive some collection in Ohio. with Noah Elwood Weaver's collection being donated to Wright State University archives, and perhaps with the support of Billy William A Eicher, the nephew of Betty Ethel Elizabeth Eicher, to donate some of her Ohio year writings and photos with her partner from Franklin OH, Mary Parker Brown.  More shall be revealed.
Here is a studio photo of Charles Albert Eicher with his bride in 1910, from Miamisburg Minnie Mae Stupp, duaghter of William Stupp and Emma Emily Braun. Charles is the father of Betty Eicher b 1913 in Miamisburg and Billy Eicher, William H Eicher b 1927.

A Spring Series from the black album 1909-16.  Of a walk to the Eicher Farm...I sense from church in West Carrollton on a spring Sunday morning. 
 Noah Elwood Weaver 1909 likely photo taken by finance', Edna Helena Eicher Weaver, at the edge of the then George Eicher farmstead and apple orchard, Sect 14+15 Miami Twp just a little walk east of West Carrollton City then (now a suburban development near the high school and I 75) page 1 of black leather album
 George Eicher farm sect 15 flat field with fence line and apple trees with chimney of farm house behind.   P 2 of Black leather 1909-16 album
Hillside field panorama with Sunday clothes, Emma Esther Eicher, smiling 5th from Left, and NEW 10th from Left......Note the boy in the right enjoying a plant......Sunday walks look so refreshing eh?
Auf Deutsch, and I think a lot of the new immigrants from the mid 1800's still spoke German....wonder what these folks were thinking here in 1909? page 5 of black album

Here I count 15 in this woodland panorama with Edna Eicher and Noah Elwood Weaver at the far right.....Interesting variety of ecosystems and environments around the Eicher farm as I imagine this might be the same group on a walk in 1909.  Woods in sect 15.  page 5 of black album

Page 6, a group of ducks in the dry creek bed, perhaps from the Eicher Farm, Imagining the sound of quacking as NEW walks with his camera and sets up a tripod with curiosity for the group photos too.  
P 6 14 Sunday walkers, men, women and children still in Sunday clothes, dry creek bed with Edna Eicher on the right.  

p 4 Walk up the creek bed on south part of Eicher Farm sect 15, with 8 walkers in view. Note rail fence in background.  This is now in 2016 part of Cox Arboretum.   

P 7 George Eicher farm hill with woods, with three women, Edna Eicher CA 1909 on the right.

P 7 Noah Elwood Weaver far Left, with Edna Eicher with hand of flowers, flat part of Eicher Farm with 11 walkers counted here.  Looks like some bed rock formation.

P 8 The Eicher farm lane, looking north toward Dayton, with the group of walkers on the rutted farm road, CA 1909 by NEW

P 8, The final photo of this series at the Eicher farm in 1909.  11 walkers standing on what appears to be a small bridge on the farm lane. Looking south to see the farmstead. Edna Eicher 6th from Left and Emma Esther Eicher, 8th from the left , a tall woman about 6'2"standing behind the small bridge. by NEW 

Here from another album of NEW, CA 1920 when I image my father Paul Henry Weaver at age 10 traveling the country side with his dad and camera, seeing the landscape a Century ago ----Before he died he helped my label "Eicher farm - with tobacco shed' ( then managed by George,  son of Franz, who settled in Miami Twp around 1870 after getting married to Eva Margaret Bohlander (Boehlaender) in 1844 in Cincinnati to the south - 
 Notice the Eicher farm land in section 15, just a short 1 mile walk from West Carrollton and what back then was Alexandersville ---
View north from "George Eicher farm" with tobacco shed on the right - Dayton is about 7 miles north - in about 1920, by NEW p 31, Black Album

View NE from Eicher farm beyond Hole's Creek in the middle with tobacco shed along Alexandersville-Bellbrook Pike CA 1920 NEW p 31  

 CA 1920 Paul Henry Weaver (born 1910 with hat, ) and his grandpa, Henry Eicher in front (born 1845)with cousins from the Lender-Bohlander line, in Cincinnati - man in front ID'd by my dad in 1981 as "Arthur Pfau" who married Lydia Oberheu, the elder of the 3 sisters born and living in Cincinnati -  behind Arthur is the tall smiling Emma Esther Eicher and to the right, Helen Lourie, the daughter of Jennie Oberheu
CA 1922? (same pages, Jennie Oberheu Lourie, Lydia Oberheu Pfau with Edna Helena Eicher Weaver in a field -----
 Emma "Esther" Eicher  1875 - 1961  Miami Twp Montgomery Co OH, with her great Aunt, Emma Dorothy Lender Oberheu  1839 - d 1910 Cincinnati OH at the Cincinnati Zoo -- CA 1905? 

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