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Natural History - Photos of the Greater Miami and Little Miami of Ohio around 1913

Noah Elwood took such a variety of photos as I scan his many albums.  In the album I am currently scanning I have entitled 1909-1916 N Elwood -Farms Montgomery Co, Indian Lake,  Logan Co, and Fort Ancient, Warren Co.p 28 Black album.

 Three men in a canoe. No location given.
 p 29, Shows bamboo poles over a canal, with Edna Eicher Weaver,  likely Hattie Weaver, Paul Henry, and Henry Eicher, in what appears to be the "Hydrolic" a canal just to the east of the town of West Carrollton in the Greater Miami River Valley

 Discovered a book, A Boy's Town, by W D Howells , Harper, 1890, in my father's collection, with Esther Eicher, label "Alexanderville Ohio", that is centered on town on the greater Miami River .
Found a bio of William Dean Howells, on Wiki "was born on March 1, 1837, in Martinsville, Ohio (now known as Martins Ferry, Ohio), to William Cooper, and Mary Dean, Howells.[1] He was the second of eight children. His father was a newspaper editor and printer, who moved frequently around Ohio. In 1840, the family settled in Hamilton, Ohio, where William Cooper Howells oversaw a Whig newspaper and followed Swedenborgianism;[3] their nine years there marked the longest they would stay in one place.[2] Though the family had to live frugally, the young Howells was encouraged by his parents in his literary interests.[4] Howells began to help his father with typesetting and printing work at an early age, a job known at the time as a printer's devil. In 1852, his father arranged to have one of Howells' poems published in the Ohio State Journal without telling him.
 1913 Car on a muddy road.

 This appears to be the same car, with the American flag- the woman in front right appears to be Noah Elwoods mom, Hattie Weaver...
Two couples picnic near sand dunes/,  Paul Henry Weaver in front p 24
 Two couples with Paul Henry Weaver, Little Miami River, Warren County with Little Miami River Noah Elwood center with Edna E Weaver with her son...p 21
. 1913 Indian Lake Swimming Area and Bathhouse  from wiki "ndian Lake
In its original form, Indian Lake was a conglomeration of shallow natural lakes and marshes covering 640 acres in the northwest corner of Logan County. A bulkhead was built on the Great Miami River in the 1850s to enlarge and deepen the lake area to create a water supply for the new Miami Canal. The work was completed in 1860 and the resulting Lewistown Reservoir covered more than 6,000 acres with 29 miles of shoreline. At the turn of the century, railroads had come into vogue and the canals were abandoned for more efficient transportation. No longer needed for canal commerce, Lewistown Reservoir was designated by the Ohio General Assembly in 1898 as a public recreation area known by its historic name, Indian Lake. Indian Lake quickly became a popular resort area with its numerous islands and untamed shoreline touted as a secluded wilderness paradise offering supreme hunting, shooting and relaxation.
In the early 1900s, Indian Lake became a leading destination to exercise the intellect as well as the body. The traveling Chautauqua Assemblies that swept the East and Midwest came to Indian Lake’s Orchard Island starting in 1910. These variety shows featured lectures and programs by a diverse roster of speakers and entertainers, including some famous and prominent figures such as the great orator William Jennings Bryant. Chautauqua drew such large crowds that a hotel and cottages were built on the island to accommodate out-of-town guests for the two-week gatherings in late July and early August. The village of Lakeview became a regularly scheduled stop in 1911 on the Toledo and Ohio Central Railroad, and the Ohio Electric Line provided service to the burgeoning lakeside community known as Russells Point. The rail lines provided easy access to rural Indian Lake park from Lima, Columbus, Dayton and neighboring communities."
 1913 Men at an artisan well.  Curious if middle men is Harley Peffley and I know William Weaver, NEW's farming brother is on the right.
To in ID's I am adding this photo from the Paul Farm we figured was around 1905, with "Mary" Paul the matriarch in the front center. Harley Peffley, son of Mary E Paul, was 23 in 1905 and had married Cora Weidner who would have been 22 that year.  This appears to be a NEW Paul family cousins  photo.
 CA 1914,  Curious if this could be Harley and Cora Peffley now in there young 30's with Edna (in deeper water to appear shorter :-) & Noah Elwood now each 28 and Paul Henry Weaver 3 1/2?
 Noah Elwood ready to dive at Indian Lake

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