Monday, February 29, 2016

Inspiration to visit Great River Road Sites on my Way South along the Mississippi

Here in the Heartland of Turtle Island, around Cahokia and the American Fertile River Bottoms I got the inspiration to continue south along the river to find historical sites of the mound builders.   I am writing from Collinsville Il, just across from St Louis, the gateway city today.  Reflecting on the journey Bobbie and I made together to visit his ancestral family sites in Red Bud and Chester Illinois, and then onto Cape Girardeau in Missouri....

Driving south from Collinsville on a sunny Sunday, we first stopped at St John the Baptist Cemetery west of Red Bud where the Hahn  Family rests including Bobbie's grandma, Gabby, Adele M. Cowell Hahn,  See

Bobbie had photos of himself taken here to connect with his ancestors in a good way in prayer.  An honor to share the day and the journey with my nephew.

Not sure if this is a relative, and as Bobbie found the Cowell gravesites, at St Mary's In Chester, I found a couple of the Hahns..Clara here

And Drs John and Anna Hahn. 
Outside of Chester we visited the site of Kaskaskia, once the early capital of Illinois it says and a place where French Pioneers settled in the 1700's.  

View of the Mississippi from the bluffs as we arrived on a sunny warm and windy day. 

Bobbie checking out the sign describing the destruction of the town of Kaskaskia by the the big river when a channel graves reburied on the hill, above the flood plain.
Another view of Missouri and part of Illinois on the west side of the river here.
View of the river bridge we just drove across from IL into MO, in Cape Girardeau.  Young people on he quay skate boarding in the wind.......we walked the old town looking for a coffee house where we could plug into wifi and rest a bit.  Only coffee place we could find open on this Sunday was a Starbucks out near the freeway!   Easy does it Day.  Spring is springing. 

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