Friday, February 26, 2016

Discgolfing in Chicagoland, Glessner Graves in St Louis and Recording songs near Cahokia Mounds

Here in Deerfield IL, where Terrie and Garry host me at the Chestnut Lodge,  on Monday Feb 22,  I discovered a disc golf course between two parks, Keller on the west and Alan Shepard on the east.   Threw the 9 hole course here , as I started the pattern of playing each day to stay in shape walking and throwing.
Example of a multiple use back, with a basket near a playground.  Late February with brown grass and wet thawing ground.

Example at pad #3 of how the course is easily followed without carrying a map.  
 The cement pads here have the # and distance and map embedded right in them.  I nice feature I had not seen before...

#5 is the first one in Shepard Park and a small creek is crossed with the throw with the basket under the evergreen.  Note the walking bridge to the left.  

Final hole in Shepard Park with distinct map on the pad. 
 Final approach to basket #9 on Shepard Park part of the course.

Visit to Graceland Cemetery, resting place of JJ and Frances Glessner.

I arranged a meeting with a MKP man, Burke in the neighborhood by Graceland Cemetery Tuesday Feb 23, and arrived at Graceland around 10 AM.  Got a map and walked to this site, two simple slabs to honor my Glessner relatives by a small lake.

Snowdrops, an early spring flower, shining and greeting me near the grave site on the cool morning.

Frances Macbeth Glessner and John Francis Glessner marker.

John Jacob Glessner Marker 

Immediately thought of my nephew, niece Bobbi(e) when I found this nearby marker with a flautist...

Walked around the lake and found more ornate markers, like this one from the Potter Family  

And a personal favorite for the Goodman family, bas relief  
Went south on US 41, to Hammond Indiana. Pulaski Park has a full 18 holes.
Beginning of the course by the road to the east at Pulaski Park.  

Near the end of the 18 holes, facing NE with my shadow toward a basket at Pulaski Park.  My last disc golf prior to driving south.

Got up early at the Chestnut Lodge and drove south beginning at 5 AM on Wednesday Feb 24, just before Bloomington IL, saw a light snow haze and got heavier as I drove south 

Conditions near Carlinville IL, where I hoped to visit the site of my great grandfathers boarding house at 447 Main St in 1880 and where he published the Macoupin County Newspaper for 3-4 years.

Recording Day Thursday Feb 25,  St Louis Park Ave Utopia Studios.

Here is Bobbi(e) as we arrived at 9:45 for a 10 AM appointment for a recording studio here in St Louis.....

Bobbi(e) setting up our recording session. 

Sound check prior to our recording session.  

Recording set up for our 2 hour session. 
Willmore Park disc golf Course overview, south side of the park.  18 holes and we played 11-18 and then 1 +2 before we found the beginning pad.
Pad #1 of the Willmore Course in St Louis 

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