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Paul Family Jefferson Township William and son Johan George Paul emigration from Fellingshausen Hesse Germany to Whitfield, Jefferson Twp, Mongomery Co OH

 This past week, a friend, by the name of Stuart on Facebook, was interested in my genealogy as he wrote on his page "Stuart Federhart Holland  "Tell me about your Paul cousins. My grandmother's maiden name was Paul."

I have been scanning my grandfather, Noah Elwood Weaver's 1909 - 1916 album, and carefully working to label each page the best I can.  Fortunately back in 1973, when NEW died, I went down the street in West Carrollton and introduced myself to a Paul cousin, not knowing much about the Paul family history.  I did here from my father, Paul Henry Weaver, that his name came from his parents honoring the Paul side of the family and Henry is a common name in the German family tradition.  In the old country Heinrich, was Anglicized into Henry when they reached the shore of Turtle Island, North America. Emma Paul Grossnickle the daughter of John Paul, and granddaughter Amelia Louisa "Mary" Brandt who married George Paul, who had a shoe shop in Whitfield, Jefferson Twp  and as it has been told, when Mary stepped off the train at Whitfield direct from Germany she met her future husband there. From the German Bible of Emma Paul "Grandma Mary Paul, Born March 26 1824 Krankenhagen Germany. She came to America in 1847 married George Paul June 5th 1848. " 

George Paul died in June of 1870, and Mary stayed in the family farm house in Jefferson Twp, and some of the photos NEW took are from the site, both in front of the home and many around a large tree stump in the back yard. 
Esther Paul Grossnickle as I remember her around 1973, was born March 10, 1896 and was of the same generation as Noah Elwood Weaver my grandfather..Wanda was born in 1929 and Emma in 1927. 

Here is the summary, Esther wrote for me in 1973 that she transcribed from a Brandt relative who kept with Brandt- Paul bible.  Note she writes "Amelia Louise (Brandt) married George Paul, to this union 11 children were born.  From research done by my cousin Jeannette Allen Weaver, William Paul born in 1788 Fellingshausen, Hesse, Germany married 16 Mar 1820 to Elizabeth Bender, and come to Ohio where he died in Feb 1870 - In addition to George he had 7 other children.

CA 1905, and labeled by Jeannette Allen Weaver, "Mary" Amelia Brandt the matriarch who immigrated from Germany to Ohio in 1847, my last ancestor to do so, that I am aware of. Surrounding her at the farm are the 8 surviving children.  John is the father of Emma Paul Grossnickle, and Emma Helena front right married Henry Eicher, whose daughter Edna Eicher married Noah Elwood Weaver my grandfather in 1909. Sarah married Levi Eshbaugh whose daughter Ida, married David Elwood Allen, Jeannette Weaver's grandfather. 

1911, from NEWeaver album, Paul Henry Weaver, just over a year old, with with his dad; NEW driving with Helena "Lane" Paul Eicher, in the shadows next to the woman in white. 

1909 Paul Family farmhouse, Jefferson Twp, with Mary Paul seated Edna Eicher Weaver just to her right in white....p14 1909-1916 NEW Black album.

 1914, Eliza, John,  Emma Helena, Mary "Molly), Christina "Tina", Sarah and Amelia. By the tree stump in the back of the farm.

Paul Farm Tree Stump photo CA 1905, Noah Elwood Weaver sitting left front, Edna Helena Eicher, middle back standing - Noah Elwood Weaver and Edna H Eicher married in 1909.

Josephine "Phinie" Brandt and Hans Hansen, who married in 1891, year of their marriage - Phinie was born in Dayton OH 13 Jun 1866, daughter of Heinrich August Brandt and Mary Catherine Fike - Heinrich's younger sister, Amelia "Mary"Brandt emigrated to Ohio, in 1847 and married George Paul in 1848.   George  operated a cobbler, shoe shop in Whitfield, where the train stopped - George died in 1870 at age 45, and Mary lived at the farm until June 1911, some 41 year later.  Their third daughter, Emelina Helena Paul,  of 11 children, born in 1856, married Henry Eicher and was my great grand mother.

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