Monday, February 22, 2016

Journey to Chicagoland and points south! Winter into Spring 2016!

Wayne Bosshardt enjoying the chocolate birthday cake, Dr Diane Powers brought as a surprise to the Chestnut Lodge here in Deerfield Illinois for my 69th winter celebration. 

 Found a disc golf course just 15 min east of the Chestnut Lodge, and JanMarie was game to try her first time playing.  She took this snap shot of me with a pink Ice Bowl Disc from the St Paul Winter Carnival event I played this year...9 holes and a bit wet as the earth is now warming for the spring.

JanMarie kept wanting to visit the "Ocean" being a California Native.  Here she is at a township park on Lake Michigan.  Elder Lane Park.

Our host Terrie is from Wilmette and suggested we check out the Bahai Temple right on the lake. So here it is! 
And here is JanMarie leaving the Bahai temple after hearing a few jokes from the welcoming group at the door.  Fun to have JanMarie as a travel companion and co body work facilitator on the first leg of my trip.  She flew back from O'Hare this AM.

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