Sunday, February 7, 2016

1909 -1910 Rural Small Town of West Carrollton - Homes -Picnics though NEW's Camera Lens

p 9 of Noah Elwood Weaver's black album 1909-1916, finds a new construction home I sense is in the town of West Carrollton and the baby to the his right, of Noah Elwood, 5th from the left might be recent proud grandparents of the infant dressed in typical baby garb of the time.  No labels and hope folks like Sarah and Jerry Allison of the WCHS, might find out where this home is, to celebrate a centennial of this kind of home being built around where Noah Elwood and his soon to be bride (the tall woman some 4-5 "taller to his left, is Edna H Eicher, a Julia Child of her times over 6 feet with her older sister, Emma Esther Eicher in the back right, was said to be 6'3"in her prime. When this album arrives at the Wright State Archives, I hope we can have a finders link to its location for others to find their relatives. 
p9 Detail of top photo with likely grandparents of a new infant, with Noah Elwood Weaver, next to his finance' Edna Eicher- The style of the hair bow of the woman in front reminded this writer of Princess Leia of the Star Wars Movie fantasy series some call a "block buster" created in Hollywood US of A in the later 20th Century.  Wonder what "block" of West Carrollton his home can be found on in the 21st Century.
p9 Second view of the group - Edna Eicher is now 5th from the left, and curious if the guy with the bow tie, who moved next to the infant might be the father? No real facts and having the ID of the house location, might lead to finding census data and names here.. The "Princess Leia" bow headed woman is still in front

 p9 Detail of group on porch of West Carrollton new home CA 1909 by NEW
 p 10 Five unidentified women dressed in CA1909-1910 comfortable attire. 

p 10 Family picnic near the banks of the Greater Miami, CA 1909 Edna Eicher 5th from left and Emma Esther Eicher 10th just to the right of the infant and stroller . Looks like after eating, if one looks at the shot below, with food more orderly :-)
 Detail of the picnic setting after eating?

 p11 Spread of picnic with melon fruit cut and bread sliced and glasses standing up. NEW 5th from left, EEEicher 9th just to the right of the infant - No other names yet. By Edna Eicher most likely
 p11 Detail of food Noah Elwood 3rd from Left, E Esther Eicher 7th next to infant reaching.

p11 Slumber sleep over party - 11 girls and likely Edna Eicher the 12th who took the photo. 

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