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Betty Eicher and meticulous financial record keeping Ohio 1934-1944

When opening a box of materials sent by Billy, William Alan Eicher, of Lakeland FL, my cousin and nephew of "Betty", Ethel Elizabeth  Eicher (1913 Miamisburg OH - 1992 Lakeland FL) , I was amazed to find a detailed ledger started in Spring 1934, when we was a student at Ohio State University in the midst of the great depression.    I sense a focus in Betty and a flowering of her affection for a woman, often referred to here as M.P.B, as she seems to use code, to write under the dominant cultural radar, that in those times did not recognize same gender love and relationships.  Clearly she and MPB, were rural pioneers, and became very well educated and literate, and took care of financial resources as well.  Betty's dad, Charles A Eicher had a diverse business background, working in a bank until he was let go in 1935 in the middle of the depression...and he was on the Miamisburg School Board, built homes in West Carrollton and had an insurance business in the old Union Building in the center of West Carrollton, although maintaining a home that he built in W Central in Miamisburg, in the area of Hillgrove Cemetary where so many Eichers, Stupps, found their local resting place. 
 A loose paper summarizing school expenses at OSU in 1938-39 and 39-40, the years of her earning her BA and MA.  Then the first page of what I call her little back book finance ledger 1934-1943.
This is a wonderful find to see how she spent her money and perhaps what she earned as well.  I found the page, not dated, near the end of the ledge (1942?) below, with Tutoring at the top,with various names of likely students, with even dollar amounts. Might be interesting to look at students and families in Franklin at the time, and family names. :-)
Tutoring income likely in 1942-43 in Franklin OH.  Betty was a teacher in the Public Schools and then started writing short stories, for something like 23 years, and her brother Bill commented she sold stories for $50 a piece to church magazines, one the stands out is the Methodist Church, and that income stopped when children started watch TV a lot in the late 50's early 60'sI would surmise.

Over the years, I would Christmas expenses and gift expenses in Betty's ledger and on random pieces of paper in the box form Billy:



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