Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Reflections on Feb 2007 Lunar New Year - Celebration for Peg Weaver and friends.

Awareness of the ARC, the arc of mylife...Action, Reflection and Celebration is "coming up" for me here in the new year of 2016. As I have been clearing things out of my space and my mind, my life has slowed down to savor things, like good food, and sensuous sharing with selected people who are safe to be vulnerable with.   From my life lessons, and my Serenity, Courage and Wisdom on the spirited path of MKP and long term recovery in Al Anon (not taking on others dramas, be they politicians, lovers, partners or friends, children, who are not emotionally and physically present.   Dropping into my flexible and resilient body, that has softened after 5 + years of Rosen and IFS integrative body work, I have been able to throw discs farther and have more balanced full body work outs than ever in my life.  Go figure, I am dropping into feeling like a 30 - 45 year old man with 69 winters of experience. 

  Those who know me, and discern a new direction during the winter dreamtime and story telling time.  In my 69th winter, waneyetu wichemna shakpa sam sahdogan, in Dakhota, the language of connection that has quelled any fear of abandonment and deepened my connection to life, to make assertive cost effective choices in my travel and with whom I share my truth and my intimate pleasures and desires in safe places!  And grateful  to the plant and animal nations who I connect with at an ever deepening level here on planet earth . Mitakuye Oyasin

Shifting my consciousness to this indigenous language, has allowed me to drop into my heart and have a greater sense of discernment of safety, who is living in integrity and who might be in their shadow, and use the English language to put "spin on things".  On a practical level of history, the Chappelear family tree, which connect to my French heritage and here in Minnesota, Mni Sota, the French who first arrived in Etole du Nord (Star of the North) state of Minnesota,  intermarried with the Dakhota, in the early 1800's in the Eurocentric way of keeping time . This author was born in Faribault a city named after the Faribault family.  From Wiki " Alexander Faribault, was the son of Jean-Baptiste Faribault, a French-Canadian fur trader and Elizabeth Pelagie Kinzie Haines, a woman of the Dakotah tribe.[7] Another source maintains the city is named for Jean-Baptiste Faribault.[8] He is credited with fueling most of the early settlement activity in the area beginning in 1826, when he established a fur trading post on the banks of the Cannon River. By 1834, the trading post had grown in popularity and was relocated to the Straight River, one mile (1.6 km) upstream of its junction with the Cannon River, the site of modern-day Faribault. The young Alexander Faribault used his knowledge of Dakotah language and culture to improve relations with the displaced Wahpekute and even helped the tribe to resettle in the area." During the time of settlement here in Minnesota, my French ancestors in the 1800's moved from Virginia into the new state of Ohio.  Here is the summary I incorporated into my celebration of the coming of spring in 2007, the February celebrated my 60th winter... and my mom, Peg Margaret Glessner Weaver  was in her 97th winter:

Over the years, Peg had instilled an interest in languages, by modeling learning French, enough to engage with mycologists who lived in France as she developed her mushroom hobby in the 1960's.
In her memoir she honored her ancestry as well, the Salem Witch connection through Rebecca Nurse whose offspring who marrried a Bixby in  Massachusetts Colony. A Bixby, Bixbee married a Chase in Delaware Ohio and her curiosity to learn more, and follow leads, was passed on to me, her youngest son, and only daughter.  My inner Julia Child, a 6'3" auburn - red haired presence had the vision to make a Ragout de boeuf, porc et bison as indicated on the menu.  I did not have the focus to take photos, and Byron Aldrich, an MKP brother stepped up, and he was a support person in helping me find the Colony in Eden Prairie which had a pond and a place to put Peg's bird feeder, when Nate Weaver, Kerry Johnston and I moved her down from Brainerd.  Also Victor Youcha, Steve Basil and Blaine McCutchen expanded the circle of support here in the Twin Cities.  Here are some of the photos that Byron took some 9 years ago. Feb 2007 in Eden Prairie MN,  Fun to reflect on the events..
During set up, my sister Jane Newell, in white, talks with Steve Wolfe as we set up the setting to honor Peg at my 60th birthday give away celebration.  I have learned on my D/Lakota path to be generous to those in this life, who have supported me on my journey, living in the moment, as Albert White Hat Sr modeled in his life  "Be Ready for anything at any time"  I had a vision to honor Peg's Chappelear and Glessner lineage by shining up the quadruple plated silver service on the right, made in Meriden CT that her grandparents, Emma Chappelear and Leonard Cowles Glessner used in their home in Findlay Ohio.  Fun to see it used again and notice that Peg's grandson, (11th Generation) Jesse and his mom, Susan showed up for the celebration.
Peg meeting Andrea Will as she enters as the celebrated elder, at the celebration.   
Peg Weaver. soon to celebrate her 97th birthday in June, being led to the seat of honor at the head of the table by her youngest son, me Tom Weaver.  My inner Julia Child envisioned and created this dinner over 3 days of cooking from my then Bloomington MN rental home....I polished  the family late 1900's  French - German....Chappelear-Glessner silver service within easy reach on the left.  Honoring the spirit of the Chappalear (Chapelier) and Glessner Ancestors.  Leonard Cowles Glessner husband of Emma Chapplear Glessner was the founder of the Glessner Medicine Company in Findlay OH, where Peg was born in 1910. 
Marsha Onkka here (Paul Onkka her husband is off camera to the left) who knew my parents through his business as a pharmacist at Poirier Drug Store  (featured in a scene in Grumpy Old Men) and the Episcopal Cathedral in Faribault.  My friends Eric Wickiser and Karen Anderson of Minnetonka...
Karen Anderson, dark hair next to Blaine McCutchen and Rita Mays who brought a chanterelle soup, which is remarkable for my mom' passion for mushrooms and the French traditions.  Me, Tom Weaver chatting with Steve Wafler a long term friend from Faribault, Bob Pahl from Bloomington in the front next to Andrea Will "Will' a Korean born friend of my roommate at my rental home in Bloomington at 90th and Emerson, I rented for a couple of years to be close to Peg. Anna Karras Wafler and Ron Morris on the right.

Overview by Byron, Andrea Will, Peg Weaver, Marsha and Paul Onkka, Steve Wolfe, Tom Weaver, Blaine McCutchen with Rita Mays (white sweater), Ron Strangerhorse, Bob Lodin
Jesse Weaver, Peg's youngest grandchild, and Sue Weaver, Jesse' mom after the meal, by Byron Aldrich.
Jesse Weaver 21 yr old son, and his dad, Tom Weaver, 60 in Feb 2007, by Byron Aldrich. Just yesterday, Pat Linehan my apartment caretaker, mentioned I now look much younger -  I see how much stress and energy I had during the time to take care of mom, and deal with the dysfunctional medical system to move her out of the Brainerd Nursing Home AMA "against medical advice" as encouraged by Kerry Johnston one of Peg' advocates in 12 step recovery, and move her with my son Nate and Kerry for 3 1/2 years of good living in Eden Prairie.  Thanks Peg for modeling "How to Die Young....as Late in Life as Possible.
Here I am in the Wicklow Mts of Ireland south of Dublin at the Kippure Course where I met Erno from Finland who was my guide here amid the sheep.

Me, Tom Weaver with my mountain bike, taken by Bob Pahl on our way to the Twin Cities Pride Parade in June 2015.  I have been an openly gay, two spirited board member at the Twin Cities Men's Center that has a Gay Pride booth for the last 7 years.  www.tcmc.org

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