Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Wellik Garden Tilling Golden Valley May 11 2009

Here is my Troy Bilt red horse "ta shunka duta" next to the garden plot we just created for Jamie Wellik and his family in Golden Valley yesterday, just a mile or so from my apartment here in St Louis Park. Jamie, leaning on the shovel, is also a Carleton Grad and interestingly studied at Cambridge University in England receiving a Masters of Philosophy there. We met through Mankind Project Minnesota, the men's organization I joined back in 1990 when I participated in the first NWTA - Training Weekend at Methodist Camp Koinonia near Allendale MN. We staffed a recent weekend at Eagle Lake Camp earlier in May. I am grateful to have celebrated a find spring day with Jamie and his family on his 44th birthday and learn about the families involvment in Waldorf Education.

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  1. It is cool that you blog nearly daily or at least once a week it seems. A lot more than I do. I can learn from you, just one photo per day and a brief synopsis of the day is good enough. Thanks Tom!