Monday, May 11, 2009

Virginia Magee Weaver, Paul H Weaver, William H Eicher, Marjorie Root Eicher 1961

Here is a photo taken by Noah Elwood Weaver of his second wife, Virginia, my dad, Paul H Weaver and his cousin Bill Eicher and his wife Marjorie in 1961. When Bill Eicher passed over in Florida March 23, 2006 I was in touch with his wife, Joan and arranged to be at his memorial service at Woodland Cemetery, Dayton OH on Tuesday May 2, 2006 when I met Bill's son Billy Eicher for the first time. Billy's father had been an important connection for me to my Ohio relatives around West Carrollton and Miamisburg and shared stories that I never heard from my father. I learned a lot about Betty Eicher, Bill's sister, whom my father only talked of briefly, even through they were cousins three years apart in age. When we talked in 1984, on my way to work in Vermont, on a trip with son Nathan and his mom, I instantly felt a deep connection with Bill Eicher and the Eicher ancestors that we shared. Bill led me to connect with a Brandt cousin, Jeanette Weaver of Troy Ohio, who shares many of the ancestors who are remembered at the Ellerton Ohio Cemetery and who also shares the love of genealogy. .

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