Monday, May 18, 2009

Faribault Cathedral Garden PHW Redbud - Dresden Germany Friends Visit May 17 09

Here is my first photo of the redbud blooming at the Cathedral garden since I planted it two years ago in April to honor PH Weaver and his Ohio roots. Peg was there, with my friends, Byron Aldrich and Jane Newell for the dedication complete with Dean Jim Zotalis' rendition of the gospel and lessons complete with animal puppets. It was the memorable last time Peg was in a church and was offered communion. This sunday, Jerome Hoetzel and Werner Marx, from Dresden in the former East Germany visited and are pictured here with the cathedral spire in the background. We were fortunate to have Bob Nesland, author of the First Cathedral as our personal guide. Steven May, the choir director and organist also helped with our German translation of baumwolle, for "cotton" as we were trying to translate how the Dakota and Chippewa women living in Faribault after the 1862 conflict made lace, with some native symbols that HB Whipple, Bishop of MN took to give Queen Victoria of England.

Bob gave us a spirited tour that included, Whipple portrait here, the 2 colorful windows on the south of the building given by indian children and families, the story of the Odawa man, Enmegahbowh, who was a pipe carrier and ordained in 1867 by Whipple, with an icon, painted by Rev Johnson Loud, American Indian priest at Prairie Island, with the medicine wheel. He also led us to the bell tower to play with Jerome and Werner, the Lutheran tune "A Mighty Fortress" and then soloed the non-sectarian tune "Yankee Doodle" with the strains going out over the city of Faribault at 12:30 or so.! Ah the memories!

Finally here is the historical marker with the view of home across the street. Perhaps the one on the right is where Bob now lives, perhaps funded by Evangaline Whipple, his second wife who had many from her first marriage to support the Bishops endevours. Bob Neslund, resident historican in Faribault would be a good source of further info. Cheers!

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