Monday, May 25, 2009

Morton Arboretum - Founded by Joy Morton (1855-1934) – Prairie Visit with Curt Clapper of Arlington Heights Illinois – Visit

Hello from Madison WI area, Barrioques Coffee and Wine Bar that I discovered while looking for a Panera. The blond female barristra left my quiche in the warmer a little long and I was tempted to tell a couple of blonde jokes, and I didn't go there! Still I am just having my coffee after a couple of hours on the road from Elkhorn and a nights rest at a motel. So I smothered the dry quiche it with tomato sauce and it softened a bit. I decided to take the slow roads back to Minnesota today, after 3 days at the Autism One Conference in Rosemont, the village conventions built. US 12 and 14 through South Wisconsin, by many dairy farms, rolling country side with lakes, a windy Memorial Day with temp about 70 as I roll along in my green pony. This photo is of Curt on the west side of the Morton Arboretum checking out the shooting stars in bloom. I am grateful for his company and navigator in my first visit to the Morton, after reading about it and reflecting on the values of May Thelgaard Watts in her classics: Reading the Landscape of America, and Reading the Landscape of Europe I read in the 70's while working at the U of Minnesota Botany Dept under the direction of Don Lawrence, PhD>

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