Friday, May 8, 2009

Vezelay Basilica St Marie Madeleine Pilgrimage Aug 08

Walking the country paths and roads from a village to the east, where my friend and Carleton Classmate Harry rented a chateau (Gide) for his family reunion. There is a special energy in this land of Burgundy where I felt very alive. Up on the hill I can image in ancient times finding a place to be in prayer with Creation and Creator. My latest grand neice was named Madeleine with the French Spelling and it was fun to visit her and her parents, Val Weaver Grosso and Chris Grosso in NYC recently in 2009. Following the scallop shell symbols, Coquille St Jacques, the food and the Chemin de St-Jacques. Here is the photo I took of the Basilica on the hill. For info check out: and

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