Saturday, August 8, 2015

Teaching Kids how to garden and respect the foods found in Nature - Brian Wheat at Richfield Alternative School

I met Brian Wheat at Dist 287 schools through my friend Blaine MacCutchen about 5 years ago.
In the Spring of several years, ? 2012 or 13, he is a friend of Brian's on the left, and Brian who has been passionate about teaching about sustainable gardening and supporting schools that have the vision to support it.  I hope another steps up to continue the teaching here in Richfield

Brian with two other staff members during spring planting season with my van in the background

Spring planting in the multiple raised beds east of the buildings back before the field was taken over with a walking-jogging oval, that was built over the past year. 
2013 summer class with 5 students, Brian in front with my sister Jane Newell and me in the straw hat in front of some cabbage family plants, 
2013 Brian on the left with another staff in front, with veggies from the garden making fresh juice!
South garden bed with flowers Aug 7, 2015 looking east to the field where the old raised garden beds were, and now is a walking-jogging oval! 

 Cucumber vines with no fruits on the east side of in Richfield District 287 looking south
Looking west from east side with marigolds and herbs in front, with the two carrots patches behind.
Tomatoes (Dahota unzi'nzinthka)  with some beginning to ripen in western beds

Harvest on Aug 7, with harvest include edible flowers
Tomatoes Onions, tomatoes. peppers, and some greens harvested 

Some washed carrots....

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