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Cousins Charles A Eicher, and Family, Minnie Stupp, Elizabeth "Betty" William H in Miamisburg OH in the 20th Century

I first met my cousin Billy Eicher, William A Eicher nine years back at his father's memorial service in Dayton Ohio. He has his father's, William Henry Eicher's, Grandfathers, CA Eicher's and his aunts, Ethyl Elizabeth Eicher's archives that he gave me to scan and put in the context of our shared genealogy.  He is visiting Minnesota this week for a job interview, Thanks Billy for sharing these.

June 1910 Wedding photo of Charles A Eicher and Minnie Mae Stupp, Montgomery Co Ohio - Charles was the brother of my grandmother, Edna H Eicher, who married Noah Elwood Weaver in 1909

 Portrait of William H Stupp born 26 Jan 1881 in Miamisburg on back of portrait "Classic Art Studio 505 Elm St" Either in Miamiburg or Dayton OH CA1888  age7 

Minnie Mae Stupp was born 
--> 13 Aug 1883 in  Miamisburg Ohio.  I sense she was a teenager here, likely a portrait from around 1900.  
Minnie Mae Stupp Eicher, likely around 1910, holding what looks to be a Bible .  

Portrait of Malinda "Linda" Stupp, sister of Minnie Mae, born 1877 around Miamisburg, this photo embossed with raised letters "Grossman&Owings Corn, Main& Second St Dayton OHIO "She looks to be in her late teens or early 20's CA 1897?
Photo from Billy Eicher archives only had "Fay Swartz. Linda's daughter, died July 4, 1913, was 13 years old" on the back.   Searching on line in Ancestry.com I got other information including that she was born in October 1899. Post Card Made by EW Curtis 23 W 5th Dayton Ohio 
 CA 1923, Betty Eicher, age 10 smiling in front of the family home on Central in Miamisburg.
Betty Graduated from Miamisburg High School in 1931, and then attend Ohio State University where she earned a BA and MA.   She then taught in Franklin OH at the High School and began a long term relationship with fellow Franklin teacher, Mariam, Mary Parker Brown. Bill Eicher Sr told me about her relationship with Mary Parker Brown when we first met in 1984 in Kettering OH .

1931 Ethyl Elizabeth "Betty" Eicher, Graduation from Miamisburg High School.  Likely in the back yard on Central? Note Houses in the background - Back of photo from Wm A Eicher and Betty Eicher archives  " May 24, '31 High School Graduation The day our grandmother was buried"

Sept 1932, Minnie Mae Stupp Eicher with "Billy" Wm H Eicher Miamisburg OH
CA 1932 Billy Eicher  (Wm H Eicher) around age 5 on a trike at the family home on Central in Miamisburg  
 Letter from Pvt William H Eicher, born 1927 to his older sister, then living at 403 Park Ave, Franklin OH, the home of Mary Parker Brown. 
 Note Bills letter is addressed to Betty and Mary Parker here in 1945.
 Autumn 1961, Billy A Eicher, Marjorie Root Eicher, Betty Eicher, Virginia Magee Weaver and Noah Elwood Weaver takin at Wm and Marjorie home in  Kettering OH

1961 Eichers likely at Emma Esther Eicher's home, east of West Carrollton.  Bill, William H Eicher, Emma Esther Eicher (seated), Margie Root Eicher, Ethyl Elizabeth "Betty" Eicher.....
 Charles A Eicher Summary of family genealogy when he worked in West Carrollton and Lived in Miamisburg
 1902 Franklin OH HS diploma for Mary Parker Brown
 1939 Spring Betty Eicher, graduated from Ohio State with a BA in literature.

 Dec 1939 "(Miss) Elizabeth Eicher, 403 Park Avenue, Franklin Ohio.
 Letter from her dad, CA Eicher addressed to 403 Park Ave in Franklin in 1944.
Betty Eicher's diploma BA from OSU, 1939

MA 1940 graduate school in writing and literature by Ethel Elizabeth Eicher.  According to Billy her nephew she hated the name Ethyl and always went with Betty with friends and family

Mariam AKA Mary Parker Brown and Betty lived together in Franklin in the 1940's. Here is her BA from 
-->Vassar  June 8, 1905.  Mary was born in Illinois, and she had one brother Berry Jr.  Berry Brown Sr was from Kentucky.

Clipping from Lakeland FL newspaper much later in Betty's life when she was living in Lakeland Florida 

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