Friday, August 14, 2015

Faribault High School Reunion - Class of 1965 Thursday and Early Friday Morning

 I began working on our class reunion since last fall.  As part of that I connected with Jeff Jarvis, who is a part of the Parks And Recreation and helped to get a grant for the arts.  Here is an artist with a dog, when I arrived at the concert last night.
Artist with with the bandshell behind. 
Mural of the Pet Parade by the Bandshell 
Some kids were playing around in front of some Chinese students, who later did and interview me and the band.  Note the Cathedral in the background 

Inn at Shattuck St Mary's early in the morning 
My 2005 Dodge with my bike on the back.  In front of the Inn of Shattuck St Mary's

I had breakfast and chatted with Dr Albert C Esterline at the Inn, who was back in town connecting with Dean Koutavis and his relatives in the area.  He signed his emails PHD 2 (squared) Has a PhD in Philosophy (St Andrews Scotland) as well as in Computer Science (U of Minnesota ).  Now teaching in North Carolina.   Left Shattuck at 8:50 to drive the 2 miles to the Faribault Woolen Mills, where some of the class was lined up. Here in the parking lot, is a taste of Faribault History, Nutting Truck cart made into a sales table.

Jana Woodside, the manager of the store, here with some 18 classmates, and one class of 1950 guest, Dean Purdie. We divided into 2 groups with a man leading one, and Jana the other.

Once in the basement I first noticed a hum of the machines and that ear protection might be a good idea!  The wool is brought in from out west in big bales and then goes through a carding process. Very complicated and a large number of carding machines, then spinning and finally the weaving and finishing.  Worth digesting more of the process !

Jana explaining the spinning onto spindles process to have wool fibers that can be woven after being carded.  (was loud here, and I could not hear all the details.

Here is a more senior employee, Mary Boudreau, doing some quality control, with the looms working around her. 

One of the younger employees working on a larger loom that has a plaid design .  This is a noisy place to work and hard for me to listen to all of what goes on here.  Amazing place and grateful it has been given a new life here on the Cannon River.  


  1. Tom I sure wish I had joined you and the others on these tours. It looked to be very interesting and not something one can do any old time. Nice photos and so nice to reconnect with the classmates. Only wish I was better at recalling names and faces.

  2. Hi Donna, I think Janey Agerter wants to come back and it is easy to have a tour. Just contact Janna at the store. I am happy to arrange one. Just send your contact info email to me at