Saturday, August 22, 2015

Friday in Ireland - Bru'na Bo'inne and Tara in the River Boyne Valley

Eugene Curran is the energetic force here on the left, sharing his enthusiasm at the visitors center for the Bru'na Bo'inne (The Palace of the Boyne) 5000 year old neolithic site of 3 passage grave sites : New Grange Nnowth and Dowth. 
Overview map of the sites in the Boyne Valley.  The New Grange Tours were sold out as we arrived in early afternoon, after morning classes in Dublin. And we booked the 4:15 bus tour to Knowth and watched the film and walked the recreation of the New Grange Passage at the center, before having lunch.   Salmon Roulade!  interesting variety of foods at this world heritage site. 

View of New Grange (with white wall) up the hill from the Visitors Center. 
Site drawing of the area. We took the footbridge across the Boyne here to the bus Park for the 4:15 tour. 
River Boyne with green flood plain vegetation from the foot bridge walking to the bus park. 

Our guide, beginning an about 45 min tour around Knowth Mounds 
Guide describing the carvings on the big stones at the base of the mounds. 

 View of the mound.
Smaller mound next to large mound.  
White quartz in front of base stones. East side near east passage entrance above.

 Before entering the passage from the east into the mound our guide talked about the excavations that revealed a wood henge with a passage to the east, likely a ceremonial place to honor the sun.
Guide describing the great mound and construction.  Note the size of the 3 mounds in blue green  on the right. 

Image of how the mound was constructed inside the mound. 

Photo of the passage looking west as we left the space inside the mound on the east side. 
Upon leaving the east passage, our guide encouraged us to walk to this staircase, and climb to the top

View looking west up the Boyne Valley toward Slane from top of mound.
Here are David, Eugene and Scott on the top of the mound at Knowth.  
Wild Geraniums by the stairway down . 

View NW walking around the mound, with the changeable clouds and sky that are Ireland! 

Eugene, Scott and David walking around the base of the mound. 

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