Saturday, August 15, 2015

Faribault Class of 1965 Reunion Friday at Shattuck Tour and Elks Club Social

 Heather Hyslop from the Shattuck Staff, here is on the left, where our class of 1965 members met, for brief meet and greet at the Inn of SSM new Lobby.

 Here we are ready to walk to the Shattuck buildings with Heather.  18 of us joined the walk and 12 signed up for a bag lunch.
with Whipple Hall dorm in the background, Heather points to the chapel where a wedding is happening this weekend, both on Saturday and Sunday.

Dining room in the older part of the buildings.  Have a summer school with many Chinese from near Beijing.  And an enrollment from 400-500 for the coming school year.  Now well known as a hockey and athletic school. 
Auditorium with classic old woodwork.  Here is where Marlon Brando was an actor for 2 years in the early 1940's
Indication of Marlon Brando's being in the acting club from 1941-43, where actors who qualified could be represented in the back area, around the "green room" 
From the older part of the building, we were led to the more open and brighter parts of the school. Here is a view from the newer addition. 

More light and space in the hallway looking east.   

Perry Mead, Shattuck 1966 and partner of class mate, Mary White, pointed out this lab that honors the Kieffers who were teachers at Shattuck. 

This upside down map of planet earth, caught my eye, that was by an office in the new area.  

Here is Mr Boone, who is a hands on engineering teacher at Shattuck who uses 3 D printers (he has 3 of them) and demonstrates a project of animating a panda bear as done by students. 
Paul Dragsten, Albert Esterline on the left both PhD, physics and engineering, engage with Mr Boone in his lab - classroom.

Evening gathering at the Elks Club, Eliane Stafne from the Twin Cities area chatting with Tom Henry from Faribault with the bar in the background  

Tom Henry, Daphne Siegert and Lars Olsson chatting at the Elks.  

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