Sunday, August 16, 2015

Faribault Class of 1965 Saturday High School Tour, Cheese Cave and Buckham Library Downtown "Tour" in the Shade

 Began Saturday morning with a tour scheduled at 10 AM. Here is Albert C Esterline with his red rental car who traveled from North Carolina for the reunion.

Group gatherings, Paul Dragsten, Tom Henry at the left, leading to some 27 classmates and guests on the tour

Waiting for Ken Hubert our guide, who when I called him at 9:58 responded on his cell "I thought it was at 10:30". Going with the flow here is our intrepid group, including Albert Esterline in white sport coat, Ann Hanson Shrupp, Lars Henrik Olsson and Daphne Siegert - Sue Sommer Dragsten on the right all with shades and smiles.

Ken Hubert in the green shirt in the atrium by the auditorium. He is very knowledgeable about the history of the school's construction  and what was here in 1965 and the latter additions, music and theater wings on the east,  athletic wing to the south, with pool, bigger gym and the latest a privately funded work out room.
Teachers Work Room in the space once the library. 

Sign ordered by State Fire Marshal, no going into the courtyard!  Students had access in 1965 :-) 

Noticed on one of the doors, and this triggered a light hearted conversation about JB Warren, our beloved Assistant Principal on Aug 15.  Soon after I learned that James B Warren died in Faribault . 
View of "West Wing" of Faribault High School with class, near where drafting and agricultural studies FFA were in the 1960's.

View west of the prairie plants and the college, Vo Tech school on the campus in Faribault 

Ken Hubert introduced us to the huge murals both here in the Cafeteria and in the wing for Athletics.
Here are non athletic photos from past year books.

I section of the mural with Diane Abney, Lars Olson and Jim Kiekenapp. We took Lars to look at this as he came back after 50 years all the way from Sweden!

Also on the wall is this one of the Rotary Clubs Boy's Group from the 1965 Voyageur. Tom Weaver, Paul Dragsten, Greg Kieffer, Jim Ohnstad, Paul Onkka, David Currer, Ken Beaupre, Fred Zahn ---
 Here is the original photo as it appears in the Voyageur in 1965 with names

We were given the tour of the new phy ed facilities and here I found the trophy from our 1965 BB Team as Runner's Up for the State Championship.

Mural image of Tom Weaver, Fred Zahn and Jim Ohnstad receiving Runner Up Trophy for Faribault in 1965

At the Cheese Caves for lunch Tom Henry and Paul Onkka

Rick Dietrich, Tom Weaver and Tom Henry Garfield Grade School classmates in the 1950's

 Tom Rasmussen and his wife came from Tucson Arizona. Lunch at Cheese Cave in Downtown, with Albert Esterline and Rick Dietrich behind.

Woman at check out who ID'd herself as daughter of Karl and Dorcis Reineike Sp) who baby sit our family and remembered playing chess.  Karl R was my 10 grade biology teacher.

At 1 PM a group met on the Buckham Library Steps to hear stories of historic Faribault, "A sitting tour in the shade"  with Jeff Jarvis (in Green Tank Top on top Step )
  Here is the venue for our Saturday night dinner and social

Flower Garden and fountain view of the Legion Hall from the south east near the Depot.

Entrance of the Legion Banquet hall, with my image in the mirror and fellow classmate ready to enter.
Lars Olsson with the Black, Yellow and Red Striped blanket from the Faribault Woolen Mills awarded to him for coming the farthest.  All the way from Sweden! 

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