Saturday, August 29, 2015

Friday Drive to Country Antrim and the Glens finding the Causeway

Here is Patrick at the door of his rural castle in the north of Ireland.  He took his car into the shop near Armagh and then we headed for the Antrim Coast in my rental car.

His 6 horse friends seemed content for the morning as we drove out...

On the road from Ballymena to Glenarm noticed the purple tinge to the hills, and voila' purple heather brought a song to my heart!

Here is the purple heather that reminded me of a trip to Scotland with the mother of my sons.

Here in Antrim we are now in the UK and Derry is Londonderry. Had lunch here in Carnlough on our way up the coast on the Causeway Highway.

I emerged from lunch and saw this phone booth, and then though of Dr Who adventures.....:-)A TARDIS

Palm tree on the scenic narrow road to Torr Head - Cushendall.

 View to the south, spectacular is all that came up for me on the scenic road to Torr Head.

 Coastal view in County Antrim from the car.

View of the rock islands where the rope bridge is. Great to get out and walk!!  
View down into the sea from the Rope Bridge Patrick and I walked across on our way to the Causeway. This is a National Trust site, and I walked trusting the process.  Peace with every step

This giant's feet with the polygonal shaped basalt crystals, that have many stores in Irish Folklore, including Finn McCool a Giant...
Some of the stories carved into wood at the Causeway site

Diagram of the site, little middle and grand causeway, with the Wishing Chair in the middle, where my friend Patrick decided to stand for his photo.

Patrick standing on the wishing chair

Panorama view with I phone of the Causeway site.

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