Friday, March 4, 2011

Faribault Minnesota Garfield School 1958 6th Grade - Minnesota Centennial TIme!

I am inspired today by my good friend, Greg Larsen, who now lives in Denver Colorado and is dealing with a brain tumor.
Very inspiring how he is dealing with this part of his life. I recommend checking out his caring bridge site.
Here he is in the front row,# 22, with John Parker, #24, a friend who just commented on the caring bridge site. Ann Hanson (Schrupp) is #12. Miss Pirsig is #1 and yours truly is the tall one, #10 next to Santa. I know I have a list and key for this somewhere. I will post this now and get back to this later!

This is a page from a scrap book I made in 6th Grade, with a key to the people in the photo above.
1. Miss Elsie Pirsig, 6th Grade Teacher 1957-58, 2.Dotty Perron, 3. "Margie" Margaret Knutson, 4. "Sue" Susan Heath, 5. "Steve" Stephen Hultquist, 6. Gary Fechner, 7. "Bill" William Erickson, 8. Rick "Richard" Dietrich, 9. "Kenny" Kenneth Pike, 10. "Tom" Thomas Weaver, 11. Adriana Soeters, 12. Ann Hanson, 13. Linda Davidson, 14, Lorraine Deming, 15. Cheryl Hokanson, 16. Barbara McKinny, 17. Beverly Harris, 18. "Jim" James Davis, 19. Shirley Levendowski, 20. "Susie" Susan Knott, 21. Dennis Jenson,
22. "Greg" Gregory Larsen, 23. "Jim" James Palan, 24. John Parker, 25. Kirk Chaffee, 26. "Jim" James Sartor, 27 "Ray" Raymond Webb, Not Pictured Nancy Bauer.

Here is a photo of Garfield Elementary School as this author remembers it in the 1950's. I took this photo from the "little store" on the north, once owned by Nelsons, that later expanded into Nelsons Supervalue and was known as Vink's Store when I was a grade schooler and rode my bike get food, candy and even an occasional cigarette. Building was torn down some years ago.
When Googling Garfield School Faribault i found this link:
"In 1996, Northfield attorney David Hvistendahl turned the Peterson Art Furniture site into an architectural salvage sales operation, selling on a wholesale basis to renovation and historic preservation contractors. Later a retail shop was added. Hvistendahl won salvage rights to Ytterboe Hall at St. Olaf when the dorm was torn down in 1996 and to Dow Hall on the Minnesota State Academy for the Blind campus in 1998. Other salvaged locations were the Lincoln, Washington and Garfield schools in Faribault.

Here is a group of 6th grade musicians, in a photo dated 1959. Somehow I relate this to the 1958 Minnesota Centennial Celebration. Margaret Knutson, Cheryl Hokanson, - clarinets, Greg Larsen - director, Tom Weaver clarinet, Ken Pike - Baritone, Kirk Chaffee - trombone. in what looks like an attempt to re create Bavaria! Om PA!

Here is a map of Minnesota with the logo of the Centennial on a heat protector I remember buying for the family. It was used as a hot protector for dishes on tables for many years!


  1. I recall the group of student musicians as being assembled by parents for a carnival/revue presented during a winter or spring weekend as a fundraiser for Garfield School. At the conclusion of this particular act, we had to sing "Du, du, liegst mir in Herzen".

    Greg Larsen

  2. That is great! That picture where my dad is directing with those short fat white legs, and you are playing clarinet with those long stork legs! Thank you so much for documenting an important moment in Faribault history.