Wednesday, March 23, 2011

China Stamps Collected during the 50's and 60's

When I was a boy in Faribault MN, I was fascinated by China. Sadly much of the country of Zhongguo, middle kingdom was off limits to us in the US of A, during the Cold War and I had to get stamps from Taiwan, which then, we were told was the legitimate China and democratic. Well, never big into politics, I rather just like meeting people. While a medical student in 1971, I drove to Moscow USSR with two other Minnesotans in a VW Camper! So much for the Cold War. I did know how to speak German, as we left with a new pop up Camper from Wolfsburg and headed East from Berlin! I have a whole slide show from the time.
Anyway, here are some of the stamps from Taiwan that I collected. I love the maps and the butterflies. Hope to learn from some Chinese Stamp collectors some of the history through the China Stamp Society (CSS for Short) I just joined.
ttp:// I just wrote some stuff to introduce myself and my interests in hopes i can network..guanxi anyone? with some like minded folks in China..>Taiwan and Zhongguo, I need to learn the right language....Xie Xie. Zaijian.

Here are some more stamps from Taiwan I got as a kid- I remember the one of Lincoln and likely Chang Kai Shek, (sp?) Trying to make the propiganda that Taiwan is the only China I suppose back in Cold War times. I like the colors.

Finally some other art stamps. The big ones with horses and wildlife I always liked. Wonder where the original art is? Some museum on Taiwan or on the Mainland. Perhaps someone will guide me and I can find a network, Guanxi matters...not mei guanxi :-) Leave me a comment Thanks.

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