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Chappelear, William Woods - Daughter Emma- From Ohio to Missouri and Kansas, Back to Illinois

Here is a poster, WW Chappelear, posted in Clinton IL in 1865. I was a shoe maker and salesman. His daughter Emma was born in Missouri and returned from the MO -KS area with her father as reflected in a history written by my great Aunt, Mary E Glessner.
"William W and Elizabeth Ewing Chappelear had eight children: Henry Stuart Chappelear (b.1841 OH), Mary Ann Chappelear (b 1842 OH, m Levi Ross), Julia Catherine Chappelear (b 1845 m John H Hall), Matilda Chappelear (b1848 OH.m Humphrey Holmes), Robert Chappelear (b 1849 OH) Aramintha Chappelear (b 1851 New Market, MO m Harvey J Smith), Emmeline Chappelear (b. Aug 25,1855 Camden Point, Platte Co. MO m Leonard C. Glessner), Leila Alice Chappelear, d Feb 1908
The Family moved as William supported the family as a “roving fiddling cobbler” traveling in a covered wagon from Ohio in 1850 to Platte, Co, MO, New Market and Camden Point in 1850’s. William W was against slavery, warned to leave Missouri and Platte Co. In 1859, he fled after a shot is fired over his bed. After crossing the cold Missouri in the covered wagon, from Missouri to Kansas where in Easton, Elizabeth caught pneumonia and died later in the year, according to Mary E Glessner, on Nov 17 and was buried on a hill over the town of Easton. From there the family left in the spring of 1860 to Clinton IA, and then to Clinton and Farmers City Illinois.

This is a portrait of Emma Chappelear Glessner, taken in Findlay Ohio. She was my great grand mother, and mother of Harry Chappelear Glessner.

Inside of a book 1892 or 3 "To Freddy from Grandma" Aug 17, Harry's 7th of 8th birthday. Showing his changing his middle name later in life. Christened Harry Frederick Glessner, by his parents, and later he changed his middle name to Chappelear to honor his mothers side of the family. Some antipathy toward his uncle Fred Glessner, my mom seemed to think. People and their resentments can be funny sometimes.

Fred Glessner's Card when he published the Hancock County Courier in Findlay OH in the late 1800's. He was the brother of Leonard Cowles Glessner, the husband of Emma Chappelear Glessner.

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