Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Water-The First Medicine the Creator Gave Us - Driving to Colorado and visiting my dear friend Greg Larsen

Elder's Meditation of the Day - March 23
"We must relearn how to cry. A strong man cries; it is the weak man who holds back his tears."
-- Archie Fire Lame Deer, LAKOTA
Indian men and other men should really meditate on this Elder's saying. So many men have been taught it is unmanly to cry, to show emotions or to feel. When people cry, the Elders say there are two types of tears – one type will taste salty; the other type will taste sweet. One is caused by pain, and the other is caused by the release from the pain, or joy tears. A strong man knows himself and knows his relationship with the Great Spirit. The release of tears is a spiritual act. Our bodies are designed to cry. We should honor our bodies and use them as the Creator intended. Great Spirit, Grandfather, today, teach me to cry.

I am sitting here meditating on the power of tears in the healing of us pitiful two leggeds. With Mother Earth and nature with the Japan earthquake and tsunami teaching me about gratitude and resilience in the time of the Great Turning, I look to those in my life that model how to live in a good way. Modeling the networking and interdependence when some of the old institutions seem to be more into money, fear, power and control that into integrity. I am looking out the window at my bird feeder today, the 3rd day of Spring and see the snow being blown horizontal from the north. The direction of the elders in one of the medicine wheels I follow. I look to the north, the color is white, like the hair of the elders for wisdom and support during this time of change. Pilamiyapelo! I am in the place of gratitude.

Back in the 1980's, I trained with the Living Process Community begun through the vision and work of Anne Wilson Schaef and Associates in Boulder Colorado. I remember visiting the group on Wild Tiger Lane on the road above Boulder to Nederland. It was through this group, I first connected with the Lakota medicine circle in the 80's, and was led to the inipi as a place of balance and healing. In January 2011, when I heard about the illness that my good friend Greg Larsen was facing, spirit suggested it was important to visit him as I had done on my way back from New Mexico and the First Peace Gathering I attended with the Ehama Institute Medicine Circle some two years ago. Besides, the winter gets a little long here in snow county and a had a chance to meet a couple of men I had connected with on line. I first drove to Chadron NE, and stayed with Harvey B, who works at the local college there on Thursday night - he and I staffed a weekend in LA last winter when I was able to visit the land of my Chappelear Ancestors there. Driving then on Friday to Boulder where I had a sweet Rosen Work session with Todd Schwartz and saw Pearl Street in spring flower, his family welcomed me with fresh baked Purim Taschen, a traditional cookie to celebrate the Jewish holiday of spring and a new year! Thanks a lot. Wish I had a photo and the flakey chocolate cherry flavor still lingers in my memory! Finding the VQ Hotel in Denver after a meal of Sushi with a friend, I had a restful sleep before meeting Lee at the Amtrak Station. Here is the photo Lee took of me at one of his favorite places in Denver.
Thanks Lee for the kindness and patience you demonstrated that day. The magnolia trees you care for are lucky to have you in the dry parts of Colorado!

Here is Lee's home in Colorado Springs, the orange and purple colors that he reflects in his creative website.
I suggest visiting and listening to the great music here. Way to go with a great marketing site, Lee!!!
My 1999 Dodge Caravan, I call my green pony in the foreground. She was "totaled" according to an insurance company in January and went through a transformational rebirth in Sauk Rapids MN, at Bodies By Uch - Thanks Gary Engler, Mike Ames, Jesse and Nate Weaver for making my visits there productive with fun heart felt connections, making proverbial lemonade out of lemons! And what a nice trip to reconnect with her energy!

Here is Lee, showing me the buds of one of his magnolias. He assured me this area would be ready for visitors in the spring who want to learn more about these special tree people. All the best for you and your magnolia friends.

The primary goal of my trip over this weekend, driving from Minnesota snow to the dryness of Colorado, was to honor the life and connection of my friend for 59+ years. When I showed up for lunch, carrying a loaf of fresh bread baked by my friend, Scott Tower of Mankato, I was greeting warmly with hugs all around with Greg and his son Joe, who had just flown in from the Twin Cities. Greg here is his always dynamic self. Directing the conversation here, with gesticulations remindful of all the years conducting himself and choirs in a good way. I love the backlighting here in his living room where we shared tea and sandwiches. Thanks Greg and Joe for your creative and dynamic presence.

When Greg and I first embraced, I noticed the scar on his right side over the temple. He mentioned that his surgical team and he talked about the question mark that has healed so well, and that he is half way through is radiation and only now is losing some of his hair. For updates, check out his Caring Bridge site.

Here again are Greg, his trusty dog, and Joe. We chatted over lunch for an hour or two before Greg chose to nap and I needed to be on my way to Colorado Springs and then prepare to rest for my Sunday 15 hours sweet drive make to the land of where the Heavens are Reflected in the Waters. Minnesota Waste"

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