Sunday, March 13, 2011

Newell Extended Family - Expanding Colorfully from Cuba to Bogota Columbia

Here is a gathering of Jane Newell and Don Roden's extended family, honoring the adoption of three girls from Columbia for the
Hanson nuclear family of Wisconsin: Jim, Jessica, Nathan and Joshua at the far end of the table. We are sitting here next to the Mall of America at the I HOP, ready to send them off on the plane to Atlanta then Bogota. Left to right are Patrick and Rachael (Newell) Lytl, Don Roden, Nathan, Jim , Jessica and Joshua Hanson, Jane Newell, Caitlin Lytle, Vivian Lezcano-Lytle. I had a chance to chat with Vivian Lezcano-Lytle who sat next to me, about her journey to the US of A back in the early 60's from Cuba, at the early time of Fidel Castro. She moved with her mom to Dubuque Iowa, where she eventually met Peter Lytle. She described her heritage from northern Spain, Espana, in the more indigenous Celtic area of the Basque people near Santander. I am struck by the fortitude of her part of the family tree, more of a recent immigrant to the US of A. She is familiar with Victor's 1959 Cuban Cafe where I have taken many friends who might consider themselves more revolutionary.

The color and all of Victors, and thinking about 1959 and revolutionary times. I remember being there with Jane and my Chinese friend, Liu Xiaosong, zhongguoren pengyou, in pinyan Chinese, or Steven, his American name. Here he is with me and Jane, at Victors at 36th and Grand in S Minneapolis back in 2009. I still consider Xiaosong a brother, Jane, Don and I, and reflect on the Lakota tradition of all skin colors of two-leggeds being equal souls here on the planet in our Creator's eye. Xie xie, thanks, gracias for the connections.

Continuing with the revolutionary international spirit, one of the I HOP staff, Frank, the Jordanian and I connected with a "shukran" Thank you and "afwan" you are welcome" as he took my camera to the other end of the table and graciously took this photo prior to the four Hansons from Wisconsin going on the plane to Columbia. Left to Right are Jim, Jessica, and Joshua Hanson, Jane Scott Newell, Caitlin Lytle, Vivian Lezcano-Lytle, Tom Weaver (this author), Patrick Lytle, Rachael Newell Lytle, Don Roden and Nathan Hanson.

Here is Frankee, our especially colorful waiter whom I especially enjoyed chatting with. His colorful rainbow pen set added a special flair for me, and I learned about the higher quality value of pens of many colors. Signo Uni-Ball is a pen to remember.
Such a delight to share in this time and place, by the Mall of America, sending 4 special people off to Columbia who will be returning with three daughters from an orphanage in Columbia.

Here is Jane showing a charm necklace with boy and girl images with the birthstone of each of her Hanson grandchildren to share with Jessica and the Hanson family. Nathan, Joshua, and the three new members, Maria-Camella, Angie and Roci.

Here is our fun waiter Frankee, with one of his Signo Uni Ball pens in the foreground. I just LOVED the spontaneous energy here prior to and after the Hansons left on the plane. Mitakuye Oyasin.

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