Friday, December 25, 2009

Men's Brunch - John Armstrong hosting Sunday Dec 20

Here is how I found John ready to serve up wonderful omelets in his clear and free colorful space. Wow, I am so happy I made the trip to N Golden Valley on this sunday morning on my way to St Cloud to work with Jesse, my son who knows about backing up my iMac that died to my new 21.5 " desk top. I am a grateful and fortunate man and father! Thanks John for your gracious hosting!

Here are Hiram Titus and Bob Senden in John's colorful kitchen space on the receiving end of the omelet serving. Thanks for the great energy. Perhaps we can partner in your space, John, for a healing event, spa party in 2010. Thanks for your kind consideration. Peace, love, joy and beauty on your earth walk

Thursday, December 24, 2009

Christmas Eve 2009 Remembering Paul H Weaver b Dec 24, 1910

Thinking of my dad, Paul H Weaver, b Dec 24, 1910 in West Carrollton Ohio, and today would be his 99th birthday. Thanks Dad for your values of education music and learning about the human condition. I well remember visiting your family home at 321 E Main St there as a kid and then when your dad, Noah Elwood died in 1973 and I starting collecting the family stories from your cousins. Grateful for your cousins Bill Eicher and Betty Eicher, whom I had a chance to meet face to face beginning in 1984. Here you are in the late 1950's with the Christmas tree in the background in Faribault. I am so grateful for being raised in the prairie lakes area of Minnesota. I miss sharing stories with you, and sad that you left the planet so early, late January of 1981, And your legacy, your pipe smoking and the stories of your loving your jugs of Muscatel wine live on in a good way. I am inspired by reading Bill Holm and his China memoir "Coming Home Crazy" 1990. I have had a passion to learn about China, especially the culture that produced Lao Tze and the Taoist traditions with connection to nature. Thanks dad for your curiosity about language and your risk taking to subscribe to Pravda during the Cold War. Perhaps that led to my driving to the Soviet Union in 1971. I love to meet people, where they are and avoid the politics. People to people is where I live. Thanks Dad for the inspiration to continue to live a life of integrity.

When Noah Elwood Weaver came to visit, he took many photos, Here in 1951, is my dad with the current camera technology. I know the spirit of both NEW (Noah Elwood Weaver, Great initials for a man who experimented with new technologies a century ago, and PHW (Paul Henry Weaver - Paul is a family name, Lena Paul married Henry Eicher, so dad reflected the two lines of the German heritage that came together in the Miami River valley back in the late 1800's in his name!

Likely another NEW photo, this is our family in Faribault around 1950. Likely this is taken in the sunporch of the 425 SW 3rd St Home. Interesting to read the energy of the family power dynamics in this photo. My Mom Peg, older brother Jim, standing, second brother Jack, sitting below, my Dad holding me on his lap with my big brown eye staring into the ether.

Monday, December 21, 2009

My Sister Jane's Birthday! Comfort with friends

Jane wanted hot tomato bisque soup and grilled cheese sandwiches. Ah, comfort food. I remember my mom making tomato soup and having melted cheese sandwiches. So I called in the spirit of Peg and Julia Child and here are Steven and Don arriving before the honored guest in my kitchen, the heart of my home. Thanks for sharing in my space brothers!

Don relaxing on my couch talking with Jane as she drives through the traffic from St Paul. Notice Steven's Maodao "hairy young soy beans" and the cheese and crackers awaiting the guest. :-)

Jane arriving with her stylish winter sweater!

After the soup and sandwiches, of course the chocolate, chocolate chip birthday cake! Ready to extinguish the candles. Ageless living... in abundance. Wichozani wookiye May you walk in the center of your life in abundance!

Cultivating the Trees - Art Gallery Metaphor - Enter in Peace

Such a nice piece of art, evocative of my life long earth walk and breathing into the Peace that passeth all understanding and the Tree of Life concept of all beings being connected. Mitakuye Oyasin! A wonderful loving time to be alive on the planet.

Steven XL found a link on line to a Gallery, on Washington Ave near the Mill Cill Museum and the same block as the Open Book where I have taken Loft Classes. This is one of the images that struck me. Thanks Steven for your enthusiasm for trees and life. Xie Xie, Pidamiyayedo!

Canasta Teaching by Jane and Dinner with Friends

Having been adopted into the Newell family, it has been important to learn the finer points of Canasta. Here is Jane teaching Steven the finer points of the game. We drove back after her granddaughters performance to my apartment in the cold, to await Don's arrival after a day at his work at Landmark Education.

Here are Steven XL, Don and Jane sharing the Beouf Bourguignon over rice. I felt so honored to have these wonderful souls to share the loving cheer in my "cozy nest "apartment this chilly evening. Thanks so much Pilamiyayelo!

Mariah Jane's Granddaughter supported by her wider family

Mariah and the teacher at Edinbrook who coached and created the performance.

Here is Mariah with a couple of her friends after the Edinbrook Elementary Showtime Performance.

Supporting Mariah here are Steven Xiaosong Liu, Jasmin, Jane Newell, Mariah, Dee, Kaina and Eliza in the school cafeteria after the event.

Jasmin, Jane, Kiana, Dee, Mariah, Tom W (this author) and Eliza

While the pot cooked, Lluvia Spa Party with Jane and Steven

Here is how the pot looked as I cooked the Beouf Bourguignon, that warmed my apartment with amazing smells during the day.

One of the Amazon Herb Products that I find so wonderful, is the Lluvia line of pure organic botanicals. Here are Jane and Steven testing out some of the products with the mats and mirror set up. Notice the reflection from the mirror on Stevens face.

Here is Steven with the glow on his skin after the Cumu Serum and other products are applied. These products are so pure and without petroleum distillates that they can safely be eaten. What a relaxing beautiful time to share with friends and family before Don arrived. Thanks for your caring and trust!

Warm Family French Cooking - Celebrating Sharing with I widening circle of Friends

After Denise and Marks party celebration, I sensed an opening and possibility (Landmark Forum language I think) Thanks Steve Wolfe, Jane, Don, Byron and others for your introduction over the past years, to go see a film at the Hopkins Theater as the stores all close at 6 PM. Well, as luck would have it, Julie and Julia, I film I had heard about was playing at just the right time! Steven even had the number programmed into his cell phone. xie xie, thanks comes to mind. What a great flim to share and bring my French heritage to action! I was inspired to get out the Julie Child cookbook that I had used to make a stew for my mom and friends for my 60th birthday celebration at the Colony in Eden Prairie where I spent so much quality time with Peg. And voila' here is the set up in my apartment kitchen as I prepared the Boeuf Borguignon, a la Julia Child in my orange Le Creuset pot that I so well remember buying in Appleton WI back in the day. To celebrate Jane's last day handing in her assignments at the U of M and going to her granddaughters holiday dance-musical performance in Brooklyn Center as family in the evening.

Here are Jane and Steve Xiaosong bringing joy and friendship to my apartment space.

Pierre's Move Sunday Nov 30 2009

Here are the cars and people in action, orchestrating the move in a good way!

Sam Ryan checking out the back yard and garage.

Moving crew sharing food in the new space. Steve Wolfe, Alex Macgillis, Andrew, Jim Macgillis, Chris, Julie Bates. Pierre.

Supporting Pierre Macgillis' Move

Here is Pierre and a member of the former owners family passing on the key at the threshold of his new home just as we are readying for the move. I am grateful for having a functional van and a camera to be of support for Pierre's move. For me, moving is one of my most vulnerable times and I am so grateful for those who share of their time and energy. I see this as an expression of love and caring and it was an honor to be part of Pierre's friends and family who moved him out of his comfort zone in S Minneapolis, to a new beginning in NW Minneapolis. Wow, thanks Pierre for modeling the courage to ask for support here!

Chris, Jim and Steve, loading furniture from the apartment onto Jim's trailer.

Pierre waving good bye to the apartment as we load the cars! :-)

Denise and Marks Sixth Month Wedding Celebration Continued

More family and friends who have been of support to Denise and Mark.

Steven Xiaosong Liu and Denise

Steven sharing images with Denise and Mark

Denise and Marks Sixth Month Wedding Celebration Party

Here are Denise and Mark, cutting the celebratory cake for their Dec 6 party to celebrate with friends.

The colorful spread of pot luck food in their new Golden Valley apartment.

Friends and family toasting in fruit juices and non alcoholic organic beverages.

Splitting Wood - Preparing for winter inipi

Randy Peck has shared his space and woodland for the past several years as a place to pray and connect with Creation. Here is a view of the initi and space that some of us have used to connect with the earth. Pidamiya tehanshi Randy.

Here are Randy Peck, Bob Senden and Joe Mayer providing some of the labor to support Randy in a good way on Thanksgiving Friday.

Saturday, December 12, 2009

Thanksgiving Toast at Jesse Weaver's new home.

Toasting everyone's health, with dark ale from Trader Joes. Paul Mote, Nate Weaver, Sue Weaver, Don Roden, Jane Newell, Amy Brown, Cory Wood, Jesse Weaver. Great to share in Jesse's first home and meet new people who are a part of his life. Thanks!

Nate Weaver, Don Roden and Jesse Weaver

Nate made up some killer gaucamole to share with the Thanksgiving crew. Don Roden and Jesse Weaver share in the guac at the breakfast island in his kitchen space. It is fun for me to see how Jesse shares his space during this new beginning for him.

Jesse Weaver's Home - Basement Set Up with Don and Jane

Here is Jesse working on my computers to up grade the RAM. He is a network administrator and works on computer set up at eBureau in St Cloud and has learned how to set up and maintain PC's. Here are Don Roden and Jane Newell, part of my expanding family of choice in the 21st Century. Great to see Jesse having so much useable space that he shares with his roommates Eric and Cory

Thursday, December 3, 2009

Jesse Weaver's Home and New Thanksgiving Family Ritual

I am so grateful for the space Jesse has been creating for himself in St Cloud. Thanks Jess and Amy for hosting an extended family gathering at your new home, where folks could bring treats, share stories and activities from our hearts. The space is so welcoming with your basement the reflects your living style and the art that Amy is providing. Grateful to meet your newest roommate Cory and know with Eric you have a nice core community of like minded people to be with. I am grateful for my friend Steven Xiaosong Liu and his teaching me about Maoduo,"hairy beans" :-) Chinese Edamame seasoned with Sichuan Pepper. Here are Jesse, Amy, Don Roden and Jane Newell sampling the fresh boiled young soy beans that I prepared as a first course and welcoming to the energy of new beginnings. I like to think of the east and Asia as a connection to life and new interests.
This is a treat I will continue to share in the spirit of health. Thanks Jess, Amy, Don and Jane for your radiant presence last Saturday. Thanks for the growing memories of co creation. in admiration...