Thursday, December 24, 2009

Christmas Eve 2009 Remembering Paul H Weaver b Dec 24, 1910

Thinking of my dad, Paul H Weaver, b Dec 24, 1910 in West Carrollton Ohio, and today would be his 99th birthday. Thanks Dad for your values of education music and learning about the human condition. I well remember visiting your family home at 321 E Main St there as a kid and then when your dad, Noah Elwood died in 1973 and I starting collecting the family stories from your cousins. Grateful for your cousins Bill Eicher and Betty Eicher, whom I had a chance to meet face to face beginning in 1984. Here you are in the late 1950's with the Christmas tree in the background in Faribault. I am so grateful for being raised in the prairie lakes area of Minnesota. I miss sharing stories with you, and sad that you left the planet so early, late January of 1981, And your legacy, your pipe smoking and the stories of your loving your jugs of Muscatel wine live on in a good way. I am inspired by reading Bill Holm and his China memoir "Coming Home Crazy" 1990. I have had a passion to learn about China, especially the culture that produced Lao Tze and the Taoist traditions with connection to nature. Thanks dad for your curiosity about language and your risk taking to subscribe to Pravda during the Cold War. Perhaps that led to my driving to the Soviet Union in 1971. I love to meet people, where they are and avoid the politics. People to people is where I live. Thanks Dad for the inspiration to continue to live a life of integrity.

When Noah Elwood Weaver came to visit, he took many photos, Here in 1951, is my dad with the current camera technology. I know the spirit of both NEW (Noah Elwood Weaver, Great initials for a man who experimented with new technologies a century ago, and PHW (Paul Henry Weaver - Paul is a family name, Lena Paul married Henry Eicher, so dad reflected the two lines of the German heritage that came together in the Miami River valley back in the late 1800's in his name!

Likely another NEW photo, this is our family in Faribault around 1950. Likely this is taken in the sunporch of the 425 SW 3rd St Home. Interesting to read the energy of the family power dynamics in this photo. My Mom Peg, older brother Jim, standing, second brother Jack, sitting below, my Dad holding me on his lap with my big brown eye staring into the ether.

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