Thursday, December 3, 2009

Jesse Weaver's Home and New Thanksgiving Family Ritual

I am so grateful for the space Jesse has been creating for himself in St Cloud. Thanks Jess and Amy for hosting an extended family gathering at your new home, where folks could bring treats, share stories and activities from our hearts. The space is so welcoming with your basement the reflects your living style and the art that Amy is providing. Grateful to meet your newest roommate Cory and know with Eric you have a nice core community of like minded people to be with. I am grateful for my friend Steven Xiaosong Liu and his teaching me about Maoduo,"hairy beans" :-) Chinese Edamame seasoned with Sichuan Pepper. Here are Jesse, Amy, Don Roden and Jane Newell sampling the fresh boiled young soy beans that I prepared as a first course and welcoming to the energy of new beginnings. I like to think of the east and Asia as a connection to life and new interests.
This is a treat I will continue to share in the spirit of health. Thanks Jess, Amy, Don and Jane for your radiant presence last Saturday. Thanks for the growing memories of co creation. in admiration...

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