Monday, December 21, 2009

Warm Family French Cooking - Celebrating Sharing with I widening circle of Friends

After Denise and Marks party celebration, I sensed an opening and possibility (Landmark Forum language I think) Thanks Steve Wolfe, Jane, Don, Byron and others for your introduction over the past years, to go see a film at the Hopkins Theater as the stores all close at 6 PM. Well, as luck would have it, Julie and Julia, I film I had heard about was playing at just the right time! Steven even had the number programmed into his cell phone. xie xie, thanks comes to mind. What a great flim to share and bring my French heritage to action! I was inspired to get out the Julie Child cookbook that I had used to make a stew for my mom and friends for my 60th birthday celebration at the Colony in Eden Prairie where I spent so much quality time with Peg. And voila' here is the set up in my apartment kitchen as I prepared the Boeuf Borguignon, a la Julia Child in my orange Le Creuset pot that I so well remember buying in Appleton WI back in the day. To celebrate Jane's last day handing in her assignments at the U of M and going to her granddaughters holiday dance-musical performance in Brooklyn Center as family in the evening.

Here are Jane and Steve Xiaosong bringing joy and friendship to my apartment space.

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