Thursday, June 25, 2009

Sogn Valley Vineyard with John Maloney

Here we are near the end of the Tour "Return to the Land" with John Maloney of Cannon River Winery who explains the importance of a south facing slope, soil that drains and even the limestone that is under the loess, a soil that covers the limestone in this location. Bill Jokela, in the green shirt wearing a hat, is a Carleton '69 alum, is a soil scientist who was raised on this land. His parents purchased land in the Sogn Valley that they farmed and when John was looking for suitable land for a vinyard, he talked with the Jokela's to purchase this land in the early 2000's. Here John describes recent plantings of vines that have been bred to withstand the Minnesota winters. I believe he said this is Marquette Grape, a red grape bred for red wine. One of the fun ideas is to come in Sept to join in the harvest.

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