Sunday, June 14, 2009

Jack and Nellie Weaver - Retirement Home Construction June 2009

Steve Wolfe and I went for a quiet Saturday walk around the beach, and after finding just one stemless red lady slipper in bloom in the jack pine wooded area shared with the Leonards next door (dry spring) we wandered down to see the progress on the Jack and Nellie Weaver retirement complex. Sitting at the picnic table in an area I remember having a peaceful fire with food, celebrated with my parents, Peg and Pete Weaver and Nellies Dad, Harold Williams, I took this photo on a quiet evening with sounds of the loon and gulls in the background. Quite the latticework of supports holding up the roof! It's now a sunny Sunday and I am sitting in the latest rendition of the Adirondack in Nisswa (remember Betsy in the big old location?), finishing my blogging and all before our drive back south to St Cloud and then the Cities...Cheers and Blessings..

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