Monday, April 13, 2009

White House 2009 view with Dick Ryberg Carleton 1969 Classmate

With new clarity with a Canon digital camera, I was able to capture this image of Dick, the guy smiling with his new Cherry Blossom Festival Hat, with the white house in the back ground. Unlike the 1928 era when Noah Elwood Weaver and his camping crew could drive the road into the portico area, there were many security folks here to do crowd management. We were thinking behind the barriers here, is where the proposed MIchelle Obama gardens might be happening. Dick and I sang in the Carleton Knights together for four years in the 60's. I was able to met is wife Joan of 3 years at their townhouse in Gaithersburg where I was treated with a warm welcome and a grand meal of pork loin with fruit and all. On Easter, after I returned from a sunrise inipi ceremony at Gaia Center near Mt Airy, we met his daughter Claire on U Street in NW DC to take in a musical production of Crowns at the Lincoln Theater.

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