Saturday, April 4, 2009

Paul H Weaver New Years 1958 Faribault Home - Margaret with Indonesian Fabric from the eye of an 11 year old son

 Paul H Weaver - born Dec 24, 1910 at age 48, New Years time in 1958, wearing a white pressed shirt with his classic bow tie, and how he relaxed as a busy country doctor in small town rural Faribault MN, a drink of alcohol with Planters Peanuts to snack on, and lighting his favorite smoke, Bond Street Tobacco in his pipe  --

These tin cans were a common thing in my family home, as my dad, smoked his pipe daily, I hear from college in around 1929 to the 1960's when he had heart issues, like angina!  He just loved his pipe and the advertising of the product as an intellectual thing too

Here is my dad, Paul H Weaver MD, with his signature pipe at home, with his white shirt and tie, serving up a New Years snack with the Christmas "tanne" or fir tree in the background. In 1958, he had practiced in Faribault for 19 of his 36 years in town as a general practitioner with the Faribault Clinic. I was a boy of 11 when I took this snap shot of our annual New Years celebration in our home at 425 SW 3rd St.

My mom, in 1958 with a snap shot I took of an Indonesian cloth, I think is a kind of batik -----I still have one of these ---she got it from a international stamp collector!

1958 Tom Weaver with a collection of Malaysian butterflies that his mom request from a scientist near Malacca who was a postage stamp collection ---large Atlas moth  - very excited boy then, building on my interest in Nature and respecting all of creation ---
  Here are my framed lepidoptera collections, butterflies on the left and the moths on the right-----hung at the large Pelican Lake Palmer Cabin in 1969 two years after the three Weaver Brothers invested in the property on Big Pelican Lake and Lougee Lake in 1967

I went to the Pelican Lake Cabins with my parents in North Central MN, and here in October closing up the cabin before the October freeze!

1958 October an 11 yr old Tom Weaver with my short legs, at the Weaver Mail box by PHW

One of my favorite childhood photos, that my dad took,  Age 11 a sitz spot, a sitting place in the forest by Markee Lake, Crow Wing Co, Minnesota  -- Oak and Pine forest where I still feel so very much at home ---the tree and plant nations are some of my best friends still!!  

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