Thursday, April 16, 2009

Arlington Cemetery TGW with fruit tree flowering - cherry or crab

Last Saturday, April 11, Dick Ryberg, Carleton Class of 69 and fellow Carleton Singing Knight and I drove from DC over the Potomac to Arlington National Cemetery. It is the end of the Cherry Blossom Festival and he thought this is a cherry tree still in full bloom tho it looks like a crab apple to me. What do I know. It is pretty and I like spring bloomin' fruit trees. I am grateful to be traveling through the spring of the Atlantic, tho the locals complain it is cold here. For a Minnesotan this is the banana belt and it is a joy to be here.

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  1. Hey Tom,

    Fun to see your pics and read your narrative on your journey! Happy Trails.

    All the best...
    Your sis, Jane