Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Harry Chappelear Glessner 1953 Thomas Glessner Weaver in Faribault MN home

My Glessner grandparents, Harry and Inez would take the train, to Owatonna or perhaps to the Twin Cities, later driving the 600 miles from Findlay Ohio. Here, at age 5, Granddad Glessner as I called him, played a game of Chinese Checkers. The bas relief of Mozart above, is an image created by my dad, Paul H Weaver when he was an undergraduate student at Antioch College in Yellow Springs Ohio. It is still a favorite reminder for me of his deep appreciation for art and music that holds a place of honor on the wall of my humble abode. Grateful both of my sons were able and willing to play classical stringed instruments in their High School education, Nate, the violin and Jess, the cello.

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