Monday, April 13, 2009

Harpers Ferry - Layers of History at confluence of Shenandoah and Potomac

This is a blurry photo on the walking bridge over the Potomac from Maryland Heights and the B and O Canal with Harpers Ferry lowertown in the background. It was here that John Browns small group tried to take the storehouse of US guns prior to the beginning of the Civil War. With plenty of water power, George Washington had chosen this place for a place to manufacture arms at an earlier time, thus sealing its fate as a focal point for future power struggles. Jayson, Dixie Marie (from Pikesville) and I walked the streets of the lower town, then visited the visitors center across the Shenandoah in W Virginia before we went hiking along the Bolivar Ridge where Dixie introduced me to my first rufus sided towhee, a beautiful bird that was in the underbrush above some of the new spring wildflowers. Noticing the variety of levels of transportation here, water, rail, canal and now hiways, we stopped for dinner at the Anvil in Bolivar.

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