Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Pelican Lake Musings - Four Generations of Faribault Connections and More! Log Book as a Legacy of History

In researching how Faribault educators connected to Pelican Lake, two of the key educators are Bernice and John Foster seen here.  I took this photo in the 1950's behind their cabin on Sunset Beach. I was impressed by the white pine, John mentioned he planted early on when he arrived that now was quite tall.  My parents visited the Foster Cabin in the early 1940's and decided to purchase a lot nearby and build in 1947.  This cottage became their retirement home in the 1970's and was the place where I saw my folk be the most happy and grounded.  Peg discovered a new species of mushroom in the area during her productive days in her 50's 60's and 70's as a published mycologist. 

When the 3 Weaver Brothers purchased the AC Palmer Property in 1967 we worked together and wrote in this log book about our experiences. We opened it up to friends, renters and built relationships with families like the Draheims.  Georgene Draheim was a secretary at the U of M Medical School that Tom met during his time there, and she became a trusted caretaker of the place for years. 
Here is Stu Dick, a Carleton Student and friend of Tom's (Biology Teacher in the Seattle WA area for many years) introducing the reader to the large Palmer Cabin as it appeared in early 1968.

Views of the Palmer Large Cabin in 1968.

More views of the Palmer large cabin. 

First page of writing, June 10 1968 in the hand of Tom Weaver, this author, recently scanned in its 143 page entirely to be shared by flash drive with family members, now that memory storage is so inexpensive.  Such a change in how to communicate in the 46 years at the Palmer Weaver properties and then the 100 years of the Haeberle-Jenkins properties and the Fosters as well. 

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