Tuesday, August 20, 2013

1967 Faribault Cathedral Youth BWCA Canoe Trip Led by Ernie Campbell Dean

When my parents, Paul Henry and Margaret Glessner Weaver moved to Faribault in 1939, he having been raised conservative German Ohio Synod Lutheran and she Presbyterian in Findlay Ohio, they met folks like John and Bern Foster, and C Walter Rumpf who attended the Episcopal Cathedral, that was affiliated with the schools of Shattuck, St Mary's and St James. 

 Here is a photo in 1946 my father took of the build that is near downtown Faribault in the Straight and Cannon River Valley.

Bishops Keeler and McElwain 1946 by PH Weaver MD 

I had been raised in this church, performed the rituals as an acolyte assisting Dean MacNaughton and Assistant Curate Karl Bell in Jr and Sr High.  While attending Carleton College in nearby Northfield, I became more attracted to the mystical indigenous traditions as a budding ecologist, biology major. When the new Dean, Ernie Campbell contacted me my sophomore year, to be an assistant for his youth trips in the summer, I jumped at the chance to integrate my Christian roots with my respect for Creation as well as Creator.  Here is the beginning of my 3 year mentorship with Ernie Campell, the Dean of the Cathedral in the late 1960's. 

In 1967 Rev Ernie Campbell, Dean of the Faribault Cathedral, had a vision of leading a youth group to the BWCA.  Here is Dan Onkka looking on as Ernie demonstrates loading a Duluth pack at the first camp site.  We started at Lake One east of Ely...

 Taking a break from canoeing on the Kawishiwi River...
 Kawishiwi River rapids we canoed through the first day out.
 Lake Alice on the 4th day.
 Tim Onkka with a reflector oven baking a meal at a campsite.
 Enjoying hot cocoa during a rainy day.
 Andy Larsen, Dan Onkka and Cari Hormel in a camp site.
Canoeing on Lake Alice. 

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