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1909 - 1910 Photos at the George and Mary Brandt Paul Farm - Jefferson Twp Montgomery County OHIO

"Mary" Amelia Louisa Brandt Paul Ca 1909 
Copy from German BIble of John Paul, b April 28 1862 “Grandma Mary Paul, Born March 26 1824 Krankenhagen Germany. She came to America in 1847 married George Paul June 5th 1848.
Montgomery Co OH - George's shoe shop, as he was a cobbler was located  in Whitefield by the train crossing on Infirmary Road.  ( See map below, which shows Whitfield at the RR Crossing.

Shoe shop Sect 35, Twp 3. Range 5 Miami Twp -  Across the river from the Evergreen Cemetery on the Farmersville West Carrollton Road.  Called Whitfield in mid 1800’s.  Where the CH and D Railroad crossed the Farmersville-West Carrollton Road. According to Jeanette Weaver

""many of the family pictures were taken at the George Paul farm which was on the north east corner of Hemple Road and the Soldiers Home Road. The house is no longer there. There was a huge tree that was struck my lightning, and they leveled off the bottom and left the broken back standing.  You can see this in the family pictures that show the families sitting on the old tree stump."

20th Century Map of Jefferson Twp, Montgomery CO OHIO where the Paul, Brandt and Weaver families intersected as well as the Eichers who lived across the river in Miami Twp...
Women on the tree stump at the Paul farm ca 1909 Noah Elwood Weaver album
Paul farmstead.
Young couple on tree stump Paul Farm by NEWeaver 

Josephine and Hans Hansen ca 1909 at Paul Farm stump photo grounds..
Men CA 1909 Charles Eicher Left front row and Noah Elwood Weaver Right front row. 

Women on stump - Edna Helena Eicher 4th L - R.

 1851 labeled May of Miami Twp Montgomery Co Ohio.

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