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1968 Summer Cathedral Episcopal Youth Community Trip to Teton Valley Ranch and Five Day Hike through the Tetons with Dean Ernie Campbell

 After my first year as a co leader of a wilderness adventure in Minnesota's BWCA, Dean Ernie Campbell organized a trip to the Tetons, centered from a base camp at Teton Valley Ranch up the Gros Ventre Valley.  Ernie had worked at this camp for 10 years and arranged for us to camp along a river there and to prepare for our 5 day hiking trip up and around the Teton Mountains.   Laurie Lockwood now, Harris, a Faribault Class of 1965 member reminded me of the Teton Trip we did together on Facebook after I posted the 1967 trip with Ernie.   So my motto, write something, one day at time, on my blog, and perhaps I will have something like my mom modeled, a memoir of a life well lived, one day at a time.  Today I will be picking up a Carleton friend, Burt Saxon at the airport who taught for many years in Connecticut around New Haven.  We will work with member of our Carleton class of 1969 to co  create a fun 45 reunion for next year.  Already,  Takashi Kodera, who was raised in Japan, has proposed some ideas:

o   How Buddhism is becoming more American, and Christianity more Asian.
o   Nurturing an ethnically diverse community with peace and justice issues at the center
o   We could perhaps think of ministry, whether Christian Jewish, Buddhist or Muslim, in order to envision how vitally important it is for faith communities not only to "get along" (Rodney king) but to live and work together.
I think of Ernie Campbell as modeling Ecumenical Anglicanism in America on our trips.  He tastefully integrated a prayer and communion service as I remember on the trip, amid the beauty of the flowers and animals.  Like a modern day St Francis who values the Creation as well as the Creator here and now.  What a wonderful way to build life long friendships too.  Lisa Larsen, who now lives in Montana and works in habitat restoration, commented when we met in Faribault to put Greg's ashes to rest at the Cathedral commented on how this trip influenced her career choices and moving west into the mountains! 

Jim Nauman at Virginia Creek Falls, near Yellowstone on our way out. 
Classic view of the Falls of the Yellowstone River.
Morning Glory Pool among the hot springs at Yellowstone. 

Lisa Larsen and Jim Nauman cooling off in a mountain stream. 
Invigorating!  Lisa and Jim again 

Geological feature, the Gros Ventre slide we saw as we drove up the valley to the Teton Valley Ranch.
Current TVR website FYI

Ernie Campbell as the outdoor chapel at the ranch. 
Chapel with the Tetons in the background. 
Ernie at our base camp along the river at Teton Valley Ranch. 

The crew packing for our 5 day mountain hike and camping trip. 
Names here Sue Tricker, Jim Nauman, Ernie Campbell, Jack Lockwood, Tom Truax, Jan Orr. 
Laurie Lockwood packing for the 5 day mountain camping. 
At Teton Valley Ranch met a Rhodesian 4 legged,  Loren Beneke, Scott Tricker, Jim Nauman and Laurie Lockwood. 

First day hiking up from String Lakes....Scott Tricker, Tom Truax, Ernie Campbell (white navy hat), Laurie Lockwood, Jim Nauman, Jack Lockwood.

Another early photo with lakes behind, Sue Tricker, Tom Truax, Jan Orr, Loren Beneke, ___??, Ernie Campbell.
 Rest stop with Ernie Campbell and Sue Tricker.
 Rev Ernie Campbell with Tom Truax in a wooded area on the trail.

 Jim Nauman and Loren Beneke at Holly Lake Camp...
 Typical Mountain stream
 Lisa Larsen and Jan Orr test out the mountain stream waters.

Hiking through snow at Paintbrush Divide.
Group resting at Paintbrush Divide

 More perspective of the snow at Paintbrush Divide

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