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Hans Hansen Danish Cousin and educator/reformer of Men - Mansfield OH married Josephine Brandt Dec 1891 near Dayton OH

 1914- Hans Hansen, Woodworking Supervisor, in front of Mansfield Ohio Reformatory for Men, with Henry Eicher.  P 88 of NEW's Brown Leather Album soon to be archived with Wright State U
 1914 view of the shop where Hans Hansen worked with the men in the reformatory. P 89
 1914 view of the band and men in formation within the walls of the Mansfield Reformatory.  p 89 of Noah Elwood Weaver's Brown Leather Album
1914 view of formation in Mansfield Reformatory by N E Weaver, p 89 Brown Leather Album
 Full page 88 of the album.  Paul Henry Weaver in his dad, NEW's lap, then grandpa Henry Eicher, above,  Below Hans Hansen with Henry Eicher, both married into the Paul- Brandt lineage. Paul Henry with dad, Noah Elwood Weaver by some tents.

'Circa 1912 Photo by Noah Elwood Weaver of Mansfield OH reformatory where his cousin Hans Hansen worked.   See article below in Dayton Paper for details.

 Here is a photo from the time of their wedding 16 December 1891, Montgomery Co Ohio, Josephine Brandt born 1866 in Ohio daughter of Heinrich August Brandt, who along with his sister, Louisa Amelia "Mary" Brandt emigrated to Montgomery Co OH in 1847.  She is my last ancestor to come to Turtle Island, AKA North America.  "Copied from German BIble of John Paul, b April 28 1862 “Grandma Mary Paul, Born March 26 1824 Krankenhagen Germany. She came to America in 1847 married George Paul June 5th 1848." Please notice I will be adding a news paper clipping from Rinteln, Lower Saxony, soon from my visit in 1986 with my friend Herbert Kaiser.

Hans Olsen Hansen, born in Ribe Denmark 6 Mar 1866 - with Josephine Brandt born 1866.  They both were 25 years of age at the time of their wedding.  According to my online research they lived in Dayton in 1910 at the time of the census and according to the article in the April 21 1947 article in the Dayton newspaper here, he began teaching at the Mansfield OH Reformatory in 1911.  Sounds like he taught cabinet making to the inmates in a good way. And he became the superintendent of industries there supporting men to become productive members of society.  The building FYI, was featured in the film Shawshenk Redemption and check out....


 Josephine Brandt Hansen and Hans Olsen Hansen, circa 1909 on the George Paul, Mary Amelia Paul farm in Jefferson Twp Montgomery Co OHO.By Noah Elwood Weaver

Photo ca 1922 of PHWeaver on porch is labeled Mansfield, with Josephine, Esther Eicher, Noah Elwood W, Lane Eicher Henry Eicher and Hans Hansen.
 Places where Hansens documented living :
1910 Census.   Age 44, 912 Huffman Ave Dayton with Josephine K age 43 and son Esburn N age 17 - Head of household Forman in a Factory.
1920 Census   Age 53 400 West Foundle ?   Mansfield OH Ward 2 Madison Twp with Josephine age 53. Cabinet Maker Supt  (At Reformatory)
1930 Census  Age age 64 2117 Catalpa Drive Dayton OH District 21 with Josephine age 63  Draftman Lumber
Article from 1947 Dayton Paper outlining some of Hans life after Josephine Died 1 Mar 1946 in Mongtomery CO Ohio
1917 Canton OH, Furniture Manufacturing Co   WWI  son Niel Esburn Hansen with Hans smoking his pipe.   Photo by NE Weaver of West Carrollton.

From http://www.mrps.org/

Today the Ohio State Reformatory Historic Site receives visitors from all over the world. Every year tourists, movie buffs, thrill seekers and paranormal investigators walk through the halls of this majestic structure.

"Fear can hold you prisoner.
 Hope can set you free."

- Shawshank Redemption

 In April of 2015, this author drove to Mansfield and visited the Ohio State Reformatory, and met with Paul Smith, Executive Director of the Mansfield Reformatory Preservation Society who visited this blog site and mentioned "We don't have much in our archives from this period.." I sense in the early 1900's.  I picked up a copy of The Ohio State Reformatory, Mansfield Ohio 1896-1934 in the bookstore, gift shop, along with a hoodie sweat shirt, and did not see my cousin Hans O Hansen in my first look.  However today, on page 19,

I read (on the page above) "The furniture factory at the Ohio State Reformatory was opened in 1912 under the supervision of H.O. Hansen.  Mr Hansen has returned to the factory this year after an absence of several years, to supervise the work there. "

My German friend Herbert Kaiser to took me to Rinteln in 1986 to learn more about my Brandt ancestors. 

in 1986 I visited Rinteln with my friend Herbert Kaiser of Nordenham.  Did not find a church open to see if we could find records or any local relatives. The town where the Brandt family emigrated from Germany to Ohio.

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